Lucy Lawless UK TV Alerts - Updated 29 April 2006
Many thanks to Jan for the following:

Reminder for all UK fans, LL's BSG episode, Downloaded, is on next Tuesday (2 May 2006) on Sky One at 21.00

Four of her HTLJ episodes are also due to be shown during June.
Here are the details (unearthly hour and cut to ribbons but..................)
Bravo Channel
14th June - 04.20-05.10-The Warrior Princess
17th June - 04.20-05.10 - The Gauntlet
18th June - 04.20-05.10 - Unchained Heart
23rd June - 04.45-05.35 - The Outcast
Also on Bravo.........XWP
Starting from 4th June - 05.10 - 06.00 with Series One, Episode One and running every day (night?) all through June and into July. (see below and attached)