Lucy Lawless USA Today Chat


Owings, MD: What other projects are you working on, and will you accept future roles for an action heroine?

Lucy Lawless: In the last couple of years I've started writing my own stuff, so that's one of the ways I've kept my creative impulse going, even though I was taking a sabbatical. I've got some meetings today regarding future work. Would I consider an action show? I've certainly had plenty of opportunities. It would have to be one helluva role for me to do it again, now that I have three kids. I ain't saying now, but I don't think I'll ever find an action character as great as Xena.

Wrightsville Beach, NC: Are you planning on doing any more conventions in the next year?

Lucy Lawless: Not at this stage.

Lucy Lawless: Not at this stage.

Waterloo, NY: I was always a bit confused about the realtionship with Xena and Gabrielle. Were they Lesbians? Or was their friendship just extremely strong and close?

Lucy Lawless: A bit of both...that only became unequivocal for me in the very last episode.

Provo, UT: What was the most exciting part of playing Xena?

Lucy Lawless: The comedy. I felt like I was on a wild adventure with my best buddies. It was a great ride.

Marion Texas: I've very much enjoyed the commentary (yours, Rob Tapert's, Renee' O'Connor's) on the S2 DVD. Are there plans to do that on future DVDs?

Lucy Lawless: Yes, there are. I find it very useful to have Rob there, because he has a completely different take on things, and he was able to spark us off in new ways, with new insights and things we hadn't thought of before. He made it more interesting for both of us. We were a little played out talking about the show until Rob came in, and Renee and I felt it got a lot more interesting all of a sudden.

Aptos, California: What was the most difficult thing you were ever asked to do for the show? Your the greatest! Thanks for making Xena the awesome force she was and is. I am really excited to see your future projects.

Lucy Lawless: I guess the stump work was the hardest thing for me. You also have to get used to a lifestyle that you never counted on, where you just live and breathe the show.

Comment from Lucy Lawless: But it's worth it.

Picayune, Mississippi: Do you and Renee still visit each other often?

Lucy Lawless: Yes. I talk to her every couple of weeks or every month. We usually live in different countries, which makes visiting difficult. She'll be a lifelong friend, since we feel we did some serious growing up together.

Montpelier, VT: They made the cast do some pretty vile/crazy things over the years in Xena, like marinading Renee in Abyss... Did you ever put your foot down and refuse to do something?

Lucy Lawless: No.

East Lansing, MI: Your acting has helped many women, particularly those who have been abused, to get in touch with their guilt and to find a voice. What draws you to these darker emotions, what enables you to explore them, and how do you let go of these feelings, as well as the outcome of your performance?

Lucy Lawless: In a way it freaks me out to think that people took such deep messages and were given such strong inspiration for a show, because we never truly recognized its power, at least I didn't. I'm almost glad I didn't know, because the responsibility would have been too great. I wouldn't have been able to put one foot in front of another. I think those people were waiting for an impulse to make a change, and I'm glad Xena was it. But it scares me to think I could have made people jump the other way. I know from my work with domestic violence you never tell a woman to leave her husband. You can help her if she asks for it, but you can't instigate putting her in danger. It freaks me out that our show could instigate a situation where a woman could have been in danger. I'm not afraid to go anywhere in my own dark interior.

Israel: Will you record an album?

Lucy Lawless: No, I don't think so. It's not my passion. I love music and singing, but if I were going to pursue anything else it'd be writing.

Comment from Lucy Lawless: And I respect musicians too much to pretend that I'm one!

Lafayette Indiana: As you know the rumors about a Xena movie are floating about. Has ther actually been any script work done? And If I may I recently Finished writing my First Xena novel which takes Place right at the end of the season ender. Does Sam Or Rob do anything to help unpulished authors in the area of Xena? Thanks Wahnika

Lucy Lawless: I only heard of this yesterday (the rumors). It hasn't been decided who the rights belong to, so I don't know of anything.

Stanford, IL : What is the greatest thing that has come out of 'Xena'?

Lucy Lawless: For me personally, I got to meet my last partner and the father of my children and make some great friends. But for the world, the fans of Xena became such a force for good that they've raised a lot of money for different charities and causes. They really are the phenomenon. I can't take credit for any of it - I was just getting paid to do a job. I'm stymied by the attention and the praise I get simply for being the most visible cog in the machine. The greatest thing? The quality of fans - definitely.

Georgetown Ky: What inspired you growing up? And did you ever think you would be such a famous female icon?

Lucy Lawless: I don't think I ever knew what an icon was. My parents inspired me. I had a lot of great role models. No one ever told me "no, you can't do that". Never tell your children they can't, because they just may!

Atlanta, Georgia: I just wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all your hard work! Are you enjoying life, post-Xena?

Lucy Lawless: I enjoyed life during Xena. For the most part it was fantastic. Ever since I'm so very happy. It's not all a bed of roses, of course, but I can honestly say I'm a tremendously happy person these days.

Staines, Middlesex, UK: Do you have any plans for future stage work in New Zealand following the success of the Vagina Monologues? From Leigh

Lucy Lawless: Yes, I'd love to do more theater. It won't be in the next year, but I can easily see myself getting back on the boards.

Phoenix, Arizona: Greetings Lucy you are a wonderful performer. What sort of advice would you have for young actors? Also what is your acting method and could you please explain it. Thanks a bunch!

Lucy Lawless: Go hard! It's 5% talent, 5% luck and 90% sticking at it.

Comment from Lucy Lawless: And do your homework!

Phoenix, AZ: What was the most exciting part of your travels while filming "Warrior Women" for the Discovery Channel?

Lucy Lawless: China. Amazing! We were there at the beginning of the SARS outbreak. What was exciting was that the people were incredible, and so easy to relate to. I've been in Japan, and there's a whole world of manners and etiquette that separates you. In China I didn't feel that at all; I felt I was sitting with a bunch of Kiwis! They really have the feeling that China is the big wheel starting to move. If they live their whole life and never leave, they don't care because they're part of China's great ride.

Comment from Host: Sorry we couldn't get to all your questions - there were just too many of them! Thanks for participating - and thanks to Lucy for chatting