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Lucy Lawless Starship Foundation
2005 Lucy Lawless Appeal

Letter from Starship Foundation / Lucy Lawless
July 2005

Thank you for your previous support of Starship, as a much-valued donor to our cause.

I am personally writing to you in the hope you can help us again. Many of our patients struggle to do what most of us take for granted - simply to breathe. Starship urgently needs "VPAP" machines to provide ventilation for children with respiratory disorders. New Zealand unfortunately has the one of highest rates of breathing disorders in the world, so we're trying to do our best to combat this.

VPAP machines provide air through a face mask - a much nicer alternative to tubes inserted down the throat - and can be used both in the ward or at home to support children with chronic breathing problems. Evidence suggests that these wonderful machines actually cut the need for hospital admission or at least lead to fewer days spent in intensive care. The machines cost $US2,900 each - so anything you could give will assist our many patients in need.

By way of an update, after filming Xena I took a few years to have another child and focus on my family. This year I've thrown myself into acting again and loving it. You'll be pleased to know that I'm no longer running from Warlords or Amazons. I'm now running from human-eating bugs, which you may have seen recently in the television movie, Locusts. Most recently, I've been having the time of my life doing musical theatre in the States. I'm happy anywhere I can make people laugh or forget about life for a while.

As for my artistic skills, I hope you like the drawing on this letter. You can further assist Starship by bidding for my original sketch - penned for Starship by yours truly - on ebay from 25 July. Visit and it's under the Entertainment Memorabilia section - or you can type in a general search using the key words "Lucy Lawless locusts".

Your valued funds will help us address Starship's many priorities. You can donate online at or use the form below and return envelope provided (stamp required). Let's work together in helping these precious children smile again! Thank you so much for being there for us.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Lawless
Starship Foundation Board Trustee

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Lucy Lawless Appeal 2005
Starship Children’s Health
Private Bag 92024
New Zealand


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