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Starship Hospital Name Change Report

Video: Lucy being interviewed on TV3 News about the Starship Hospital name change (401k)

Transcript by cr

Reporter (v.o. pic of the building):  The name change was made without consulting the Starship Foundation, and the Health Minister believes the [hospital] board showed a lack of committment to consultation.

Annette King (Health Minister):  They have got an obligation to ensure they  listen to their community, and the strong message they're getting, is that their community thinks that the name Starship is a suitable name.

Lucy:   Well, it defies logic doesn't it, I cannot see where they were coming  from.

Reporter (v.o. building):  The Starship Foundation has raised more than 20 million dollars for the hospital, and feared the loss of the name would be a setback to fundraising.   Foundation board member Lucy Lawless says the District Health Board needs to realise what Starship stands for.

Lucy:  Another one of the comments that were made was that Starship was not a special place, it _is_ a special place.   We need to protect it.   And it's important for all kids from all over New Zealand.   It's a national hospital.

Reporter (v.o. building):   The Foundation also plans to fight today's suggestion it be called the Starship children's department.   Chairman Brian Mogridge says yet again the Foundation was not consulted about the new name and that Starship is not just a department, rather a hospital.  

Reporter (v.o. Lucy):   The Foundation believes the board can do a full gracious backtrack.

Lucy:   And I'm sure they can do that if they have the will.   (Grins).


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