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Lucy Lawless in
Toa Fraser's BARE for Christchurch
25 March 2011

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Bare For Christchurch - A Review by Janine Kehl

Performance by Lucy Lawless "Woman Pissing"

Ok, it's Friday evening and it's time for me to wander down to the Civic theatre to see Bare For Christchurch. I arrive and blown away by the beauty of this iconic building. Absolute majestic! Standing outside keeping an eye for MaryD's good mate Jo, I see a lot of faces that are familiar, but your not sure where you know them from. I see Jo coming.

We make our way to the bar and see Andrew Young former CEO of Starship.  A quick hello and were off to go take our seats. I have no idea what to expect as I'm not real sure what it's about. As I read the program which gives the title to each segment I see one that says Woman Pissing and my first thought was "I bet that's the one Lucy is doing." The lights dim and the show begins.

The story centers around the lives of all the characters who in some way are all
connected. Now the first couple of actors, I have no idea who they are, but they
were great. Then Michael Hurst is on and plays a American guy who has a great
idea for a TV show. Like Dancing with the Stars, but naked. Absolutely
brilliant! So It's half way through the show and the next one of course Woman

It's about a woman who the police catch peeing in the street. The lights go up and here is Lucy with her butt facing the audience squatting. I started laughing before a single bit of dialogue left her mouth. She went on to explain how she was just giving back to mother earth what she had taken for example vegetables and meat pie? I myself
nearly gave back to mother earth I was laughing so hard. All in all the play
and actors were absolutely wonderful and I haven't laughed that hard in ages. So
it was time to make our way to the after show party and we see Rob Tapert with
Viva Bianca from Spartacus. Again a quick hello and we make our way downstairs.

The place is full of New Zealand celebs. It was like a Xena reunion. Michael Hurst runs by gives me hug and says "Good to see you again Janine, glad you could make it" and is off to talk to the guys from Sparty. Standing chatting with
Andrew Young and of course Lucy pops up to say hello. A hug, kiss on the cheek a photo and autograph & she's off again.

 I turn around and standing to my right is Liam McIntyre the new Spartacus with Viva & Dan who Played one of the brothers. I turn back around and Lucy's Popped back. ( ok she does this quite frequently during the evening ). She asks me if I had met Liam yet and to go and say hello. So Off I went with Jo to talk to Liam who is an real sweet guy and looks like a younger Andy and is really excited about the show.

Lucy pops over and we get a few shots of her, Liam, Viva & Dan. Lucy stops long enough for a chat and then is off again LOL. People are starting to leave and I'm thinking of going when Lucy jumps on stage and starts singing Ain't No Sunshine with her friend Jason ( Stalker guy from Europe vids) playing the piano. ok I think I'm going to hand around for a little while longer as you never know what else she's going to do. I decide to go up stairs for some fresh air and run into Keisha Castle- Hughes from Whale Rider another quick hello & ciggie with her and I'm off back downstairs to see what I have missed. Party is winding down people, are leaving,

So Jo & I are finishing our drinks ready to leave, when of course Lucy skips by us ( I mean skips ) to were her friend Jason is, Then she's comes over and says she and stalker guy are going home, so another kiss and hug goodbye, love you, see you soon and she's off. Well I must say it was a great night of Theatre, Music, Celebrities & friends. It will be a night I won't forget.

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About BARE by Toa Fraser

Bare is a powerful theatrical performance about Kiwi identity and change. Originally performed by just two actors, now with a full cast of 17, this amazing one-off show will feature a top-calibre line up, which has come together in support of Christchurch

Armed with the voice of the street, these actors riff on body image, movies, takeaways, tagging and English literature, swapping effortlessly between seventeen seemingly random characters, from brazen gym hottie to philosophical parking warden, from waffling academic to multiplex popcorn pusher. Listen to our people talk. Join them in coming together, at this crucial moment in New Zealand's history.


In Order of Appearance

• Stacey Morrison
• Mia Blake
• Michael Hurst
• Morgana O’Reilly
• Ian Hughes
• Sara Wiseman
• Antony Starr
• Ian Mune
• David Fane
• Curtis Vowell
• Bronwyn Turei 
• Kirk Torrance 
• Lucy Lawless
• Rhys Darby
• Annie Whittle 
• Keisha Castle-Hughes
• Sam Neill
• Don McGlashan and the Jubilation Choir

The play will end with an inspirational performance of Bathe in the River by Kiwi music legend Don McGlashan accompanied by the 30-strong Jubilation Choir which includes Jackie Clarke, Rick Bryant and Amanda Billing plus Jennifer Ward-Lealand