Lucy Lawless on
Celebrity Duets

Celebrity Duets - Behind the Scenes Report from the Live Show

by Dee Robinson, Gypsy and Vada
(typed by MaryD)

Lucy borrowed Wayne's microphone and thanked all the fans within 10 seconds of going live back on the air. She was very grateful and looking to have the time of her life.

Off camera - Our take

Before they start with the official telecast of the show, they do a pretaping where they hype the show and what happened previously. Before they even started taping Lucy was jumping around and someone had to come out and adjust her mini dress and pulled it down (!) The last eight inches of the hem of the dress was sheer and you could see through it! Lucy wriggled in place and all was right with the world.

The taping was no good and they had to redo and Lucy was pantomiming smoking a cigarette as if she was tapping off the ash and then put her two fingers to her lips as she was smoking.

For the whole 2 hours Lucy was smiling, very playful, she was animated - you could tell she was having a wonderful time!

The main hallmark of tonight was they all sang solo and Lucy was rocking the house. Lucy started her number with her back to the audience, arms raised to the roof and she was on 10 foot dias rising from the floor and all of a sudden they que her music, the lights come up and she just dances, prances and rocks - she has a blast. The dias eventually lowers whilst Lucy was singing and it was tricky because she Lucy had to make sure she didn't fall down. All the while she kept singing. She has many skills and this is one of them.

Oh my god it was absolutely fantastic. It was a thrilling show.

Mention should be made to show dancers - they had stragetic positions on the stage and added the viewing pleasure of the audience. The dancers danced well. One of the dancers was hanging off a fixture to the ceiling and a guy was twriling them in the air. She was hanging on to long drapes. She had on a white t-shirt and had a Madonna black bra ontop. (not that it matters to anyone except Dee <g>)

Back to Lucy. The signage was more in Lucy's favour. She quite obviously very proud and happy - she thanked the fans repeatedly.

Dee was holding up a sign that said "Go Lucy!" yellow with Green writing. The two signs next to Dee were Gypsy and Vada. Gypsy's sign read "We Love you Lucy!"- three signs in a row. Gypsy sang out "We Love You Lucy" and Lucy acknowledged it by putting her hand to her chest. Then they announced Hal was eliminated. Commercial break.

Right before they made the announcement that Hal was eliminated and was during the commercial break, someone by mistake set off the fireworks and it left such an acrid smell in the air it was horrible. It made the air seem like there was a fog and burned everyone's eyes. At the time the fireworks came down Wayne and Alfonso were doing a Michael Jackson immersonation by patting their hair (Michael's hair was  burnt during a Pepsi commercial taping). Lucy was ducking and trying to avoid the fireworks and was cool while the boys blinked ala Michael Jackson.

It was a wonderful show. They had a small budget and they had no momentos to give away for the first show.

It was a marvelous time had by all. Except for Lucy not winning BUT she did win. Let's put this in context. This is a kiwi actress who comes to America and almost wins it all. As Marie told Lucy - Lucy was forced to sing in many genres and she pulled them all off splendidly.

In the audience we noted Rob, Daisy, Sharon Delaney but alas Renee wasn't there.

That ends Dee's phone in report!



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