Lucy Lawless - The Flight of the Conchords

Season 2: Episode 8: New Zealand Town

Role: New Zealand Travel Agent
Airdate: HBO 8 March 2009

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The grand opening of a New Zealand district in New York finds Bret and Jemaine distracted by their physical appearances.  Lucy is an assistant to the Prime Minister of New Zealand.



01 March 2009

Lucy attended the 2009 Xena Convention. The following is from KT's report of Lucy on stage:

She mentioned “Flight of the Conchords”, an HBO very quirky comedy series about two New Zealand musicians trying to make it in New York. She’s told us before that she plays a New Zealand travel agent. She said she thought it was episode twelve that she was in, called, “New Zealand Town”.

08 December 2009

Message from Lucy about working on Flight of the Conchords - posted on Lucy's Official Site

I am just back from Thanksgiving in NZ after which I jetted to NYC to play a role in FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.  It was awesome.  Those guys are every bit as cool as you would think and waaaay more intelligent than their characters, as one would hope.




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