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Lucy Lawless On Politically Incorrect TV Show

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14 April 2000


Behind The Scenes of
Politically Incorrect Show with Bill Maher
April 2000

Virginia & Lourdes S

This time there was no need for us to wake up so early in the morning just to get tickets for the PI show. We already called in ahead of time and reserved our seats. We went to the CBS studios at 12:30pm and made to wait under the sun. Unlike at the NBC studios, the waiting place was shaded. Since Farmer's Market is across from CBS, we just loitered and passed the time there. Imagine for the past 13 years we've been here in Los Angeles, we have never stepped inside of Farmer's Market until this afternoon. We know it's there, but we've never been there. After a while, we went back in line coz we wanted to be in front. People were lining up for the Roseanne Show and kept telling us we're too early for the PI show. There were so many people for the Price Is Right Show, too. We found out that the people lining up for the Roseanne Show were being paid to be a part of the audience. Imagine that!

There were 2 tapings of the PI show for the same day. We enjoyed ourselves. We had good seats. Lucy Lawless was facing us. Thanked God. We were seen on TV. Everytime they showed the two women guests you can spot us. We couldn't make gestures like the "peace sign" coz we were told it might look like we're putting "devil horns" on the people in front of us.

On the first taping, it was for last Thursday, 4/13 and the guests were Lauren Hutton, Deborah Norville and two men. For the Friday's show, we believe there will be a short skit in the beginning. The guests will be LUCY LAWLESS, Candy Ford, another woman (sorry we didn't get her name) and the man who won in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

Lucy was great and witty as always. She listened to whoever was speaking. During one of the breaks, since she was facing us, she LOOKED in our direction and our mom waved at her and we did the same and she acknowledged with a SMILE. We were so happy. We couldn't talk to the guests coz a person was doing some entertaining and he was so loud.

The topic was on taxes, gay people etc. The host, Bill Maher, commented that Lucy Lawless talked funny. He couldn't understand what Lucy said when she commented about log cabin republicans and Lucy said "the bears." He kept saying, "what?" He even laughed when Lucy mentioned about Tony Robbins changing her life around. He even called her, "Princess Warrior" and she quickly corrected him, "Warrior Princess." We weren't really paying much attention to the whole discussion coz we kept our eyes on Lucy. We'll watch and tape it tonight.

Unfortunately it was over and the guests were whisked away so fast. Only 1 Xenite was able to get her t-shirt autographed by Lucy. That's all. We couldn't follow her anymore to NY and that'll be too much.