Role: Guest Presenter and Various Skits

Saturday Night Live
Airdate: 17 October 1998
Lucy was the guest presenter and appeared in several skits

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Commercial with Lucy Lawless - deleted skit from SNL Saturday Night Live advert with Lucy - Advert for Lucy hosting Saturday Night Live
This particular skit wasn't included in the aired version
avi format - 889 k
thm_axip-snlimage176.jpg Clip #1 - Lucy opening skit on Saturday Night Live
wmv format - 4.77 mb
Lucy Lawless as the clown in Judge Judy's court Clip #2 Judge Judy skit - Rochelle (Lucy) is a clown - a very different clown. Surprise guest appearance by Judge Judy herself (Lucy is a Judge Judy fan)
wmv format - 8.89 mb
Lucy Lawless - White House Skit Clip #3 The White House in Crisis skit - A group of women discussing the Clintons and then it degenerates into a slumber party.
wmv format - 7.72 mb

The best skit in the whole show - Lucy does Stevie Nicks and it's one of the funniest skits. Lucy did a superb job with this one.
wmv format - 4.27 mb

Lucy Lawless - Antonio Banderas Skit Antonios Banderas skit  - wmv format 9.25 mb
thm_axip-snlimage169.jpg Screencaptures from the commercial and the show