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Press: Lucy On Masterchef Australia - Herald Sun 23 May 2019
Posted on: 23 May 2019

Lucy appeared on Channel 10's Masterchef TV Show as a guest.. Channel 10 is the station that will air My Life Is Murder . LUCY Lawless is more of an observer than a warrior in the kitchen. But the actor has embraced a show about food and is a huge…

Xena Comics: The Return of Xena Gives Us The Hero We've Been Crying Out For..
Posted on: 10 May 2019

TheMarySue has an interesting article about the new Xena Comic! The Return of Xena: Warrior Princess Gives Us the Hero We’ve Been Crying Out For For many young women and queer kids around the globe, Xena was one of their awakening moments. Whether it was the relationship between Xena/Gabrielle…

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book Details Released
Posted on: 9 May 2019

At the recent Xenite Retreat, Xenites got their first look at the upcoming Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book set - a three volume set - which will be released on September 04, 2020 - Xena's 25th Anniversary. I'm pleased to announce that the official site for the…

Game: Series Your Story Universe - Embark On An Epic Xena Adventure
Posted on: 6 May 2019

SERIES LETS YOU BE THE STAR IN YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES AND SHOWS! Your choices determine the outcome of your favorite stories like Saved By the Bell, Vanderpump Rules, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Xena Warrior Princess and more! Enjoy the official storytelling game from NBCUniversal and get hooked on…

Press Release: Lucy To Appear in Documentary "Queering The Script" At Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival
Posted on: 6 May 2019

Queering the Script DOCUMENTARY English REGION: Ontario and Nunavut YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2019 DURATION: 1 x 90 mins Over the past two decades, the self-identified queer “fangirls/fanpeople” have gained more and more influence in changing the way LGBTQ peoples are represented on screen. Queering the Script is a timely feature…

Lucy Lawless's Fangirl Encounter With Aussie Star Magda Szubanski
Posted on: 2 May 2019

One of Australia's funniest women had a mutual fangirl moment with one of New Zealand's leading actresses last week. Magda Szubanski, 58, of Kath and Kim fame, joined Lucy Lawless, 51, to film on Lawless' new Aussie crime series My Life is Murder. "Me and Magda at breakfast. God, what…

Video: Lucy and Magda Being Hysterical on My Life Is Murder
Posted on: 2 May 2019

Magda Szubanski is the QUEEN of comedy in Australia. She's a LEGEND- there is no one better at that than Magda. She's appearing on My Life Is Murder with Lucy and I can't wait to see her! Have a look at the video Lucy posted - Lucy's Aussie accent is…

Xena Streaming on Lightbox in New Zealand
Posted on: 26 April 2019

Xena: Warrior Princess - Lightbox for New Zealand Xenites!   via GIPHY Like a modern-day treasure hunter we had to dig deep into the Lightbox catalogue to unearth this worldly treasure. But by Jove was it worth it. Because cast your eyes on what we found, Xena: Warrior Princess! New…

Dayna Grant Shows Off Xena Chakram (Stunt Version)
Posted on: 24 April 2019

Oh this is cool and that Chakram looks like it has gone round and round for a bit of chakky bashing.   This is the actual #Xena Chakram (stunt version) that was gifted to me at the end of the show. I was told “This really belongs to you” ????…

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