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Lucy Lawless
24 Hours of Reality with Al Gore
15 September 2011 7 pm NZ Time


I have set sail for my life as an eco-Warrior. Won't you all join me?


24 Hours of Reality hit New Zealand at 7 pm NZ time and Lucy was introduced. Unfortunately due to the storms that were raging in Auckland, the feed got cut and we lost a good portion of Lucy's segment.

What we did see was a passionate Lucy talking about climate change and how it would affect New Zealand and the Pacific. The following video is of the intro for 24 Hours of Reality, the intro to Lucy and Lucy's very short segment before it was cut off.



Al Gore
23 specially trained Presenters from The Climate Project

24 Hours of Reality

September 14-15, 2011

Online and in villages, towns, cities, and countries across the globe

Because the climate crisis is real and it has already begun.
Because what we thought was our children's problem is in fact our own.
Special interest groups are spending huge amounts of money to convince people that climatechange isn't real while people around the world are already experiencing its effects.

Where do you stand? Choose Reality.

  24 Hours of Reality

Lucy sent me the following info about an upcoming event with her and Al Gore! Check out Lucy's message and the details of the event - Lucy will be a part of this event from September 14-15, 2011!

Message From Lucy:

I have set sail for my life as an eco-Warrior. Won't you all join me?



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August 2011

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