Lucy Lawless Greenpeace Ambassador

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On 22 May 2009 Lucy joined Greenpeace as a Greenpeace Ambassador





  Lucy and Grenepeace Campaigns

Lucy Lawless New Zealand Greenpeace
Rainbow Warrior III Auction - 24 August 2011


Lucy marched alongside a large crowd of over 40,000 people who marched against the New Zealand Government's plans to mine thousands of hectares of prime conservation land, including National Parks, May 1st 2010.

March Against Mining Event Page

Lucy Lawless New Zealand Greenpeace
Anti-Mining Campaign 2010
"Don't Undermine New Zealand"
- April 2010


Lucy starts the Sign On / Greenpeace March through Auckland

5 December 2009

Lucy goes to give John Keys a cheque for Copenhagen on behalf of Greenpeace

18 November 2009

Lucy at Wellington Collage Sign On Campaign 15 October 2009



Lucy Lawless At Sign On "Darby's Barbie" in Auckland, New Zealand
10 October 2009


Auckland Peace Heritage Walk - 27 September 2009


Age of Stupid Premiere - 19 August 2009


Greenpeace Sign On Campaign - Auckland 18 August 2009

Sign On Greenpeace Campaign - 22 May 2009 - Ongoing
Lucy joined other celebrities Saturday in launching a petition urging the government to sign on to a 40 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.