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    AUSXIP Lucy Lawless News and Multimedia: May 2020 Archives

May 2020 Archives

29 May 2020

Xena: Warrior Princess Pride Marathons + Video

Deadline: June is National Pride Month and to celebrate, USA Network and Syfy are partnering with GLAAD for a multiplatform campaign spotlighting positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community the entire month.

For the campaign, the two networks will include Pride-themed marathons, custom short-form videos, fan testimonials, PSAs, all-new podcast episodes and a variety of fresh editorial. GLAAD will support via their digital and social media platforms as well as PSAs featuring resource and donation links. On top of that, there will be virtual events and actor BD Wong (Nora From Queens, Mr. Robot) will be featured in custom content on USA during marathons.

Xena: Warrior Princess Pride Marathons (June 4, 6:30-11:30am; June 11, 6am-12pm; June 18, 6:30am-12:30pm; June 25 6:30-11:30am): Marathons of the legendary adventure series will include all-new custom content featuring stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor discussing representation as well as spotlighting fans who have been influenced by the series


Read more on Deadline



23 May 2020

Xena's 25th Anniversary Convention Date Moved to APRIL 16-18, 2021!

Here's the update we have been waiting for. The Salute to Xena con to celebrate Xena's 25th Anniversary has now been moved to April 16-18, 2021! If you are looking to get hotel rooms, The Hyatt Regency has a terrific rate of $135 per night for those dates IF you are an AAA Member (Aussies, use your NRMA or RACV membership to get the AAA rates).

If you don't have AAA, then the Hyatt Members rate is $144 for Advanced Purchase or $161 for refundable rate. If you don't have Hyatt Membership, sign up - it's free and take advantage of the lower rate.

Check it out here

Creation has the rate of $168 (which they haven't made the code available yet to book)



A Salute to Xena Convention Moving to New Date: April 16-18, 2021!
Admission Passes and Tickets Have Been Temporarily Taken Off Sale But Will Be Back Soon!

During this difficult time, the safety and well-being of our fellow Xena fans and celebrity guests is our utmost concern. We’ve been monitoring the local, federal and international protocols concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and while we had hoped that our Salute to Xena’s 25th Anniversary Convention could take place in August, due to the unprecedented circumstances, we must postpone. The NEW DATE is April 16-18, 2021 at the same venue, the Hyatt Regency LAX Hotel!

Guests Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Hurst, Steven L. Sears and host Brittney Powell are confirmed to attend the new date! We’ll be updating our website with more guest confirmations as soon as possible.

If you wish to hold your same seat or general admission, as well as a la carte autograph and photo op tickets, you do not need to do anything. Your tickets and same seating will be transferred to the new date and updated tickets will be sent to you via email and your original ticket will no longer be valid.

Attendees must cancel their hotel reservations at this time. We will have revised booking links shortly so you can re-book your hotel reservations for the new date.

As for flight cancellations, many air carriers have amended their policies and procedures during this health crisis to accommodate customers. Please contact your airlines directly for information.

If you’d like a refund for the Salute to Xena Convention, please contact The deadline for refund requests for the convention is June 5, 2020 (and please include your invoice number). Refunds will begin to be processed after the deadline date. Please allow up to 8 weeks from the deadline date for your request to be processed.

We appreciate your patience and continued support and look forward to seeing everyone in 2021!

Until we can all safely meet again to celebrate Xena: Warrior Princess together!



8 May 2020

Video: Xena SyFy Marathon: Gabrielle's Staff

In this clip from the April 30, 2020 Xena Marathon, Lucy talks about being jealous of Renee's Gabrielle Staff. A very funny moment.

You can see the other video clips from the Xena Marathon interviews on AUSXIP Xena Video:





8 May 2020

Video: Xena Syfy Maraton: Renee Up for a Challenge

These videos are so good and in this clip, Lucy talks about Renee being always up for a challenge.

You can see the other video clips from the Xena Marathon interviews on AUSXIP Xena Video:





7 May 2020

Video: Xena SyFy Marathon: Meg and The Furies

Here's another clip from the Syfy Xena Marathon with Lucy and Renee. Oh I love Meg! She was so damn funny. They talk about Meg and The Furies being in their heads.

You can see the other video clips from the Xena Marathon interviews on AUSXIP Xena Video:




6 May 2020

Lucy Lawless Sends Out Message of Love to Frontline Staff in COVID Crisis

Lucy sent this message via the SyFy Marathon to all the COVID fighting Frontline staff like doctors, nurses, supermarkets and all those who are helping to make those in lockdown more comfortable and safe.

Stay safe everyone, stay inside.




6 May 2020

Video: Xena Marathon: Breathing Fire

They were young and did whatever the writers told them to do like breathing spectacular as it was to see Xena breathing fire, the dangers were real and Lucy was lucky enough to just have scorched eyebrows.

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4 May 2020

Video: Xena Marathon 20 March - Renee Talks About Missing The Moments...

This is a cool clip of Renee and Lucy talking about the moments they miss from Xena.




3 May 2020

Murderous Times in Melbourne: My Life is Murder Premieres on NZ TV 1 May!


The Marlborough Express (New Zealand) newspaper had an interview with Lucy about the arrival of My Life is Murder to NZ TV on May 1

24 April 2020

Lucy Lawless returns to screens with new drama series My Life Is Murder.

For her latest role in My Life Is Murder, Lucy Lawless plays a former homicide detective. And for a true crime buff like Lawless, it’s a role that seems to fit like a glove – certainly more snugly than the infamous, ill-fitting pair worn by OJ Simpson at his trial.

Lawless takes her interest in true crime seriously. She doesn’t just watch the documentaries and dramas splattered across our screens – in her down time she has been known to attend court trials. She even sat in the gallery for the bail hearing of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

But while her new series has ‘‘Murder’’ in the title, Lawless says ‘‘real-life crime and television crime are galaxies apart’’.

‘‘There is nothing mysterious or glamorous or intriguing about murder. It’s often sad and pathetic and creepy in real life, when you go to a real trial. That doesn’t fit our brief of entertaining an audience,’’ she laughs.

‘‘We’re giving you sort of real life but a little bit better. The environments you go into are a little more glamorous than real life.’’

In this murder-mystery-crime-comedy drama set in Melbourne, Lawless stars as Alexa Crowe, a funny and fearless private investigator who has been widowed.

‘‘I’m a little nervous that New Zealanders will be freaked out by me with an Australian accent, but I think they can cope,’’ says the 52-year-old.

The character appealed to her because ‘‘she’s not pretending to be something she’s not. I think that’s quite aspirational.’’

Lawless has worked on ‘‘some really dystopic things, you know, blood and guts and sex and whatnot,’’ but at this time in her life and with the current state of world events, she has no interest in revisiting that darker material. ‘‘I do not want to be contributing to that. I don’t have a hunger for it. But to be able to take people, just for an hour into a beautiful world and solve a murder is really fun.’’

My Life Is Murder also stars Bernard Curry (Wentworth) as Kieran Hussey, a police detective and former colleague of Alexa’s and Ebony Vagulans as Alexa’s assistant Madison.

Rounding out this modern, crime-fighting family is newcomer Todd River. While his dialogue may be limited, the diminutive actor made his presence felt on set.

‘‘He’s such a diva,’’ roars Lawless. ‘‘You wouldn’t believe it.’’

It is almost impossible to talk about Lawless without mentioning Xena: Warrior Princess, the series that made her a household name – and she clearly still holds great affection for the role.

There has been much talk of a reboot since the series ended in 2001 and Lawless says she would ‘‘love’’ to see Xena return in some form.

‘‘I don’t know why it hasn’t already been done. I’m putting on my thinking cap, put it that way. I’m always thinking of what’s the next thing I want to do.’’





2 May 2020

Boss Bitch Fight with Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless!

Oh this is so fun! COVID isolation is driving everyone nuts but Zoe found a good way to occupy her time! Check it out and very clever.




2 May 2020

Xena Marathon Videos 30 April 2020

Every Thursday Syfy is having a Xena Marathon featuring Lucy and Renee. More videos to follow! Check out the AUSXIP Xena Video site for more videos!

Xena Marathon Promo: Lucy & Renee
Posted on: 2nd May 2020

Xena Marathon Promo: Lucy & Renee

Xena Marathon Promo with Lucy and Renee Every Thursday on Syfy!

Xena Marathon: Life Imitates Art

Posted on: 2nd May 2020

Xena Marathon: Life Imitates Art

Lucy Lawless talking about how Renee was just like Gabrielle Xena Marathon – 30 April 2020

In case you missed these videos with Renee!

Isolation Challenge: Renee O’Connor
Posted on: 27th April 2020

Isolation Challenge: Renee O’Connor

This video was posted on Renee’s official Instagram account. She was challenged to do this by a friend in #handstandshirtonchallange

Syfy Renee O’Connor Interview 23 April 2020

Posted on: 24th April 2020

Syfy Renee O’Connor Interview 23 April 2020

Renee was interviewed by Katie Wilson for Syfy and the Xena Marathon Xena Marathon on Syfy Every Thursday!



2 May 2020

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book Promo + Xena Quotes!

It’s been quite a cool few months as Rosa and I are putting together this epic love letter to the Xenaverse. Rosa is editing this beast of a book; it’s going to be HUGE. Chock full of articles from over 40 contributors + Xenite telling their stories about how Xena changed their lives, interviews with artists and webmasters. The fanfic section will blow you away; we have bards telling their stories about fanfic and the Xenaverse. We also have some spectacular art created especially for this book. NOT TO BE MISSED!

To Be Released: 04 September 2020!