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Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World
September 04, 2020
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My Life is Murder Series 1


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Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World
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Xena Their Courage Changed Our World 



22 April 2024

Hey folks, took a much needed break and now I'm back! Let's play catchup with the news that I missed while I was away.

My Life is Murder



Never Look Away



11 March 2024

Lucy / Never Look Away Doco




Renee Interview Video



28 February 2024

Xena 30th Anniversary Con


My Life is Murder


25 February 2024

Salute to Xena - 30th Anniversary Con


23 February 2024

AUSXIP Charity Auction - 2024

September 1 - 4, 2023

If you have no registered for ANY of the AUSXIP Charity Auctions in the past, please don't leave it to the last minute. Register here: https://charity.ausxip.com


04 February 2024

Updated info about 30th Anniversary Convention

The convention days are wrong; someone at Creation had an oopsie day and there was a typo on the original schedule. It's January 31 to 2 February 2025. Many thanks to Andrea Bliss for the update!

03 February 2024

Xena: 30 Year Anniversary Creation Entertainment Convention!

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World 25th Anniversary

Xena Documentary - Xena: No Apologies

  • Xena Documentary – Xena: No Apologies (Watch video promo)
    After years of hearing about a Xena documentary being in the works, we seem to have a liftoff! Trigold Entertainment’s Judy Kim has taken on the task of producing the doco about made Xena so special!


22 January 2023

Margaret Moth Reviews




17 January 2023

Margaret Moth Doco


07 December 2023


Lucy Lawless

Never Look Away (Lucy Doco)


09 November 2023


My Life is Murder

  • My Life is Murder Aussie fans (for those that haven't seen Season 3 on Acorn or DVD boxset)... Channel 10 will be screening Season 3 with double episodes on 15 November 2023 on 10 and 10 play.
    No news yet on Season 4.

27 August 2023

Yes, I'm still alive! Sorry for the quiet nature of the site but it's about to get very busy and exciting! We have nearly 200 items and they are incredibly cool!

The countdown to the 2023 AUSXIP Charity Auction has started! The Auction Catalog is now available (PDF),
The Auction FAQ is now available.

You have 5 days to go through the extensive catalog (nearly 200 items) and bookmark them. You either click on the image or the item description to get to the auction page for the item.

Auction Catalog

Auction FAQ




30 July 2023

Lucy's directorial debut of a documentary about the legendary Margaret Moth in now in post-production.


Currently in Post-Production
Director: Lucy Lawless
Producers: Matthew Metcalfe,Tom Blackwell, Lucy Lawless
Editor: Whetham Allpress

New Zealand born CNN camerawoman Margaret Moth walks on the razor's edge between sanity and death. Her first assignment with CNN is to cover the riots that followed Indira Gandhi's assassination in India.
She goes on to cover conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and fatally, the Bosnian war. In vivid, emotional detail, we see what Moth saw and how she in turn changed what we, the television viewer, saw. A rollicking ride through sex, drugs and war, NEVER LOOK AWAY is war from a female perspective; as you have never seen it before.
Source: GFC Films


28 June 2023

The WGA Strike - Xena Picket is on TODAY

The WGA Strike:  #Xena Picket is on TODAY (28 June)

Where: NBCU Universal, 3969 Lankershim Blvd, Studio City 91604

Time: PDT 10 am to 2pm

Cast & Writers: Renee O'Connor, Steven L. Sears, Katherine Fugate and more.

Food is being sponsored by Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless and Katherine Fugate!

Xena costumes are encouraged! Let's show our support for our Xena Writers!



25 June 2023

WGA Strike - Message from Katherine Fugate


18 February 2023

Xena Conventions

16 February 2023

Message from Rob and Lucy


15 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Batters New Zealand

Well Cyclone Gabrielle has battered New Zealand over the last few days. Unfortunately two people have lost their lives and so many have had major damage to their homes.

Another shocking development was Amber Rhodes (Amber was Renee's double on the show) had her home demolished by Gabrielle.

07 February 2023

Video Interviews


22 January 2023

Movie News

  • Minions: The Rise of Gru is one of the most interesting additions to the  Netflix schedule for January 23-29.
    On Monday, January 23, the streaming service will add Minions: The Rise of Gru to its available content. Kyle Balda directed the film featuring Steve Carell as the villainous Gru. The movie also stars Taraji P. Henson as the cool and confident leader of the Vicious 6, Belle Bottom, and Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Clawed. Additionally, Lucy Lawless as Nunchuck, Dolph Lundgren as Svengeance, and Danny Trejo as Stronghold. The film grossed more than $930 million at the box office and was generally appreciated by fans and critics alike. Read More

20 January 2023

Ash v Evil Dead



29 November 2022

Xena Press

Xenaverse Art Galleries



17 October 2022

My Life is Murder



07 September 2022

Xena Art


04 September 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

Thank you Xenites for yet another awesome auction result!



28 August 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

We are nearly there! SEPT 1-4! 16th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction for The Starship Foundation and The House of Bards Theatre Company. Get ready, it's going to be EPIC! https://charity.ausxip.com


Lucy Lawless

This is one of those articles where you instantly go... yeah, right. Not happening. Apparently Lucy's Alexa is going to be her last role as an actress <insert eye roll> Acting is in her blood. She won't give it up and she's BRILLIANT at it.



10 August 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

  • The catalog of goodies on the 16th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction will be dropping next week. I keep trying to release it but keep getting more stuff which only pushes the catalog release back. It's a nice problem to have!
  • Registrations are now open BUT they will close soon. Sign up now or miss out https://charity.ausxip.com

TV News


28 July 2022

AUSXIP Charity Auction

The 16th Annual AUSXIP Greater Good Charity Auction starts on September 1 through to 4! The catalogue of auction items will be released mid August!
If you haven't registered, now would be a good time!


27 July 2022

Lucy to guest on RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under Season 2

  • Lucy said: "I absolutely loved being part of the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under and can't believe I got to sit beside RuPaul, Michelle and Rhys! Of course I know a thing or two about being a warrior princess but these new queens are absolutely next level. So fierce and so fabulous, I was in complete awe and am really looking forward to seeing how they all go!" Read more


17 May 2022

Radio Interview


29 March 2022


May all you wishes comes true.


28 March 2022

Spine of Night

My Life is Murder

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Xena: Warrior Princess


20 March 2022

My Life is Murder


26 February 2022

Adrienne Wilkinson Raffle


20 February 2022

My Life is Murder

The My Life is Murder images section has been redesigned and it's back up


The image galleries are also back up and running. If you find a broken link, please contact me (I'm sure there will be because it's a largish archive

Video Archive

The video site is still down. Sorry, it's taking longer than I thought to resurrect it.


16 February 2022

The Spine of Night invades Second Life in the Film Threat Virtual Cinema

Tired of events on Zoom? Join Film Threat in Second Life on Thursday, February 17th from 11AM to 2PM (Pacific time) for a special panel presentation celebrating the indie animated feature The Spine of Night. We'll be joined by actors Lucy Lawless, Larry Fessenden and Joe Manganiello along with co-directors Morgan Galen King and Philip Gelatt as we take a look at the most wildly original adult animated film in decades!


15 February 2022

THE SPINE OF NIGHT to Premiere Exclusively on Shudder

Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, announced that The Spine of Night will be available exclusively to stream on the platform starting on Thursday, March 24, 2022. As a Shudder exclusive, the platform will be the only subscription service that will carry the film in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand... Read More


11 February 2022

'My Life Is Murder': Lucy Lawless' Murder Mystery Series Renewed for Season 3 on AcornTV

Acorn TV's My Life is Murder is one of six shows that AMC Networks announced as being renewed for a new season, with the dark comedy starring Lucy Lawless returning for a ten-episode third season. The series follows a private investigator as she solves bizarre crimes, and has to deal with the even more bizarre happenings of everyday life. In addition to Lawless, season three of My Life is Murder will feature Ebony Vagulans, Rawiri Jobe, and Joe Naufahu, with Lawless serving as executive producer. Read More


02 February 2022

My Life is Murder



11 January 2022

The Xena Image Galleries have been updated

Episode Stills

10 January 2022

MaryD Art

My art galleries have been restored

Xena Images

The Xena Image Galleries have been restored


01 January 2022


Wishing everyone a safe 2022. Keep yourselves and your family safe. Wishing everyone the best for 2022.



19 December 2021

Lucy Lawless Movies


15 December 2021

AUSXIP has ticked over to the 25 year online club!


08 November 2021

Lucy and Renee

05 November 2021

Lucy Lawless


27 October 2021



My Life is Murder


18 October 2021

My Life is Murder

"Secret Project"

"Secret Project" that Lucy is going to Produce and Direct... turns out that Lucy and Renee will NOT be in this "Secret Project" as indicated by the latest tidbit from Nerdist.com interview. What a shame.

  • From Nerdist.com "We're actually working together next week behind the scenes. She's (Renee O'Connor) actually helping me with a little private project. We're still working together but no one's going to see it


16 October 2021

Lucy & Renee

Ash Vs Evil Dead


10 October 2021

Lucy Lawless


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