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Albright got it wrong - Xena's anti-nuclear

The Dominion
Wellington, NZ Wednesday

August 5 1998,

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Xena has taken on a real-life warrior princess by declaring herself anti-nuclear.

NZ actress Lucy Lawless, who plays the fearless leather-clad television hero, has admitted she is anti-nuclear after Madeleine Albright, the all-powerful United States secretary of state, suggested she might not be.

During her visit to NZ last weekend, Mrs Albright confessed that the United State's favourite Amazon was one of her role models. Asked whether the United States would be more accepting of NZ's anti-nuclear stance if Xena declared herself anti-nuclear, Mrs Albright replied: "She probably isn't."

But Lawless said yesterday she would be "a traitor to my conscience if I did not, when asked, declare myself to be anti-nuclear. It should be understood that NZ's shunning of such [nuclear-armed or powered] vessels is not isolationist.... It is not hostile atavism but an act of courage, hope for the future and love for our children's children."


For those of you who, like me, needed a dictionary - atavism means reverting to an earlier type.