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10 Reasons Why We Love Lucy

Grace Magazine

December 1998

Scanned by Roger

1. When you spot her walking her dog on Ponsonby Road, she looks, if not exactly ordinary, then like a woman who still fits into the local scene, despite her stardom.

2. She manages to overcome banal scripts and really silly story lines by just being herself.

3. She rides well. And even when she fell off a nag (just before starring in Jay Leno's talk show), her shattered pelvis became not so much a disaster as a clever
career move.

4 Gauntlets and shin guards that would make anyone else look like a school hockey goalkeeper somehow look okay on her.

5 Then there are those vaguely Celtic corsets. Sweaty in summer, no doubt, and freezing when the wind's blowing cold off the Tasman Sea. There must be winter days when she's dying for some clothes that cover more than 40% of her skin. But she keeps smiling.

6 Oh, those blue, blue eyes!

7 She doesn't do nude photos (despite some fakes circulating on the Internet), unless it's posing sans make-up for the lens of photographer Sally Tagg (dig out the first issue of Grace, page 64).

8. When she's not wielding a sword as Xena Warrior Princess, Lawless looks like your average girt next door... Well, kinda. She gracefully parries all those questions about her popularity with lesbians and 'her real-life relationship with sidekick co-star Renee O'Connor, offending no one and keeping her dignity intact. (For the record, she's married to Rob Tapert, one of Xena's executive producers.)

9 As American talk-show hosts have found out, she's a very smart lady with a great sense of humour.

10. Despite being a huge star in the States, she's quite happy to make little old New Zealand her home (even when
that means having a commuter marriage), [g]