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People Weekly
Yearbook 1998.

A Seductive Savage
As a royal barbarian, Lucy Lawless wields a dazzling dula edge;
her cleaver and her clevage.

Many thanks to Jacquee for the transcript.

"Who could have expected this kind of success?" gushes New Zealander Lucy Lawless, 29, about her astral trajectory as "Xena: Warrier Princess" history's most bodacious barbarian. "Mu daughter [Daisy, 9] tries to pretend that Mom being Xena is a bit of a burden," says the 5'11' syndicated TV sensation.

"But I think she truly loves it." So do the millions of devotees in more than 50 countries where the show airs. "People are attracted to her masculine bent," says Lawless. "Finally, a woman you can have a beer with." For her convincing portrayal of the leather-clad herions, a sword-brandishing twist on "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle". Lawless was hailed by "Ms." magazine as a
feminist icon of the '90s.

The stunning beauty undoubtly earned new fans last spring when, after delivering a respectful rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a Mighty Ducks hocky game in California, she raised her arm in an enthusiastic salute--and unwittingly popped out of the skimpy greast-plate covering her torso.

"Obviously I was mortified" the good-natured Lawless told reporters. "It was quite a bit more exposure than I want." the debacle apparently didn't put off Robert Tapert, 42, executive producer of both the "Xena" and "Hercules" TV series. In October, Lawless and Tapert announced their
engagement. It will be Lawless's second trip to the altar, and Tapert's first.


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