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Le Lundi Magazine

28 August 1999

Scanned by Roger

The French Traslation by Catherine
it is the same article that was translated for TELE 7 JOURS

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Interview by Henry ARNAUD

LUCY LAWLESS – A pregnant amazon

Far from Hollywood studios, the Warrior Princess who, as a teenager dreamed of acting Shakespeare, is in love. She’s expecting her second child.


TELE 7 JOURS : Is it difficult to be considered as a warrior by millions of people ?

Lucy Lawless : As a teenager, I dreamed about playing Shakespeare on a London’s stage, I learnt classical music and lyric singing. Xena Warrior -Princess fell upon my head like a comet from another world. I had never looked to a career as an action series star.

T7J : What attracted you in this character ?

LL : At the beginning, she was just a passing character in ‘Hercules’ for two or three episodes. Then the producers offered me to play Xena in a spin-off series The episodes where Hercules and Xena fight together and get themselves out of perilous situations are the favorite ones of public.

T7J : What do you think of XWP ?

LL : We are very lucky people just like the sardonic humor [humour noir] created for Xena. And the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle are ambiguous enough in order for every one to have their own interpretation.

T7J : How do you react to your fans ?

LL : They are always disappointed by my height (1,77 m), spectators imagine me as a 2 meters tall amazon. When I go to fans’ conventions, my height is always part of their interest. Some of them can’t hide their disappointment when they see that I’m not a giant. Besides, women compare my bosom to theirs but my breasts are not as developed as you could imagine when you watch the series. My very tight dress shows them to advantage but they aren’t exceptional. For my height, it’s more simple. The producers hire small actors in order for me to look like a giant untouchable princess.

T7J : Do you follow a special training ?

LL : I’m at the top of my form since I play the part of Xena because of all the sports have to practice. Of course, I watch over my alimentation to fit of my costumes but I’m not getting obsessed. However, I’m going to slow down for the next few months because I’m pregnant.

T7J : You’re expecting your second child, why did you wait for ten years ?

LL : I had to find a husband first before wanting another child. I have married Rob Tapert, one of the producers, in March 1998 and the baby just comes. I had wanted a second child for a long time but I couldn’t think of rushing things. My daughter, Daisy, is eager to meet her brother or sister. She already told me she was going to help me taking care of him or her. I think it’s pretty cute.

T7J : Is your pregnancy going to compromise the next episodes of XWP ?

LL : In order to avoid accidents, I’m not filming stunts anymore until the end of the year. As soon as the scenarists knew I was pregnant, they sped up the production to take some advance. Since my seven months’ belly will be pretty round at the end of the season, We have to dissimulate it : Xena will be filmed close shot or hidden behind furniture. Accustomed to a bustling life, I’m pleased to submit to this forced rest because I already love this baby. But after I give birth to my second child, I’ll begin again my stunts, rides and fights.