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22 November 1999

Lucy Lawless

Soaking up the sunshine in a New Zealand park with husband Rob Tapert and their new "warrior prince", Lucy Lawless has ditched her sword and breastplates for the latest baby accessories

The Star of Xena: Warrior Princess gave birth last month to not-so-little Julius Robert Bay Tapert, who weighed in at 4 kg. TV's favourite female superhero decided to opt for a water birth, believing it would make labour easier on both her an dher child.

"I wanted to have my baby as naturally as possible," she says. "Nothing is more natural than having him in water."

Lucy, 31, claims she suffered only a minimum amount of pain during the delivery.

"The baby is essentially floating in water for nine months to begin with," she says, "so it's a smoother transition when he's born."


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