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How Bizarre...Lucy & Pauly Making Sweet Music

NZ New Idea

13 January 2007

Article contributed by Calli / Transcribed by MaryD

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Pump up the volume OMC's back and teaming up with a warrior princess

Pauly Fuemana and his OMC partner Alan Jansson are back in the recording studio and getting some help from an old friend - Lucy Lawless. The former Xena: Warrior Princess star has been enjoying developing her singing career since performing in the US TV show Celebrity Duets where she sang with Smokey Robinson and Dionne Warwick.

Her great voice might have been news to Americans, but Kiwi fans remember her for her 2003 summer tour with Dave Dobbyn. While back home last year, Lucy's OMC mates told her they were making a new album. Lucy offered to help and happily agreed to provide back up vocals on a couple of tracks when
she was back for Christmas.

With the material down on track Lucy and Pauly took time out of the studio to make the video clip for the first single, due for release in February.

Pauly took Lucy back to his roots in Otara. New Idea was there to witness the pair's chemistry - a friendship that
gives edge to the song's soulful sound. Then it was on to a new location - a special place that's provided Pauly with the inspiration to write material for several albums.

The magic that took How Bizarre to the top of charts around the world is in the new music, but its obvious the boy from Otara - who wanted to be a millionaire, made it then lost it - has grown up. 'I went round the world 24 times and it was cool,' Pauly says.

During the past 10 years Pauly has written material for Drew Barrymore, who has used the songs in three of her films, worked with Wesley Snipes, and performed duets with the late Frank Sinatra. Some of the funniest and saddest moments came when he played a Mexican bandit in a movie If ...Dog... Rabbit with Mathew Modine.
'I couldn't get comfortable with all the poverty around me,' Pauly says.

It brought Pauly back to earth and it's added a new dimension to his music. A second single will be followed by a new album in the first half of this year and OMC has also been invited to take part in a still secret project later in the year.

Lucy just might be back to help Pauly and Alan with that too - if she's not booked up overseas following her own show at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood this month.