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Lucy on the Derek & Romaine Show on OutQ Sirius Radio,

Friday July 20 2007

Report by: Teresa Ortega


I don't subscribe to Sirius Radio, but a close friend and neighbor of mine, Joe, does. Being a well-trained friend, Joe immediately phoned me when Lucy was announced as a surprise guest on "The Derek & Romaine show."

Derek is a gay man and a calm, quiet presence on the show, while Romaine, a lesbian, is a wild and controversial character. However, Romaine was not in the studio that day and filling in for her was another lesbian, Kathy Sanchez.

I can't remember all that was said during the interview, but here's some highlights, in no particular order:

Lucy gave  rundown of her schedule, including the recent appearance at the HRC event, the Comic-con panel, REAF, and travel after that abroad. She also mentioned that  before the Comic-con panel she would be filming something in Miami, FL, but said she couldn't say what it was until she announced it on her blog. We now know that it's "Burn Notice" with Bruce Campbell.

Lucy mentioned that she liked watching true crime drama on television. She talked philosophically about how the anonymity of the Internet enabled some people to pursue the darker side of their nature.

On the subject of REAF, Lucy said she would be singing "Footloose" and planned to wear a go-go dress.

The topic of fanfic came up and, as usual, Lucy was asked if she read fanfic. Lucy said she once read a story about Xena using a whip to flick a mole off Cindy Crawford's lip. She said that it was nine years ago that she read that story and that fanfic was "by fans and for fans." Kathy revealed that she had written some Xena fanfic.

Derek wondered what it was about Lucy that made the lesbians go crazy for her. Kathy remarked that lesbians must be ideal fans because they're not as judgmental about aging. Lucy replied, "That's right--you can have arm pit hair, a roll of fat, stretch marks--they don't care. They're good for it all." Kathy responded, "Lesbians like the real woman." "They care what's in your heart," Lucy concluded.

While discussing stage costumes, Lucy said, "The lezzies like me in chaps. They like the cowboy thing." I wouldn't necessarily use the word "cowboy" to describe the thing we like, but this lezzie was glad to know Lucy understood our costume preference. Lucy then mentioned that she was thinking of getting white chaps made, but was afraid they would make her thighs look too big. Kathy quickly interjected, "But you have perfect thighs."

That's all I can recall. What do you think Xenites? White chaps?