The Lucy Lawless Files - Help Is on the Way Benefit - 2 August 2004
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Report by Cindy

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What an AMAZING night...I don't know where to begin, but I'll try:

Okay, I need to preface this by saying that it's 2:30 in the morning and I haven't been to sleep cause I'm still floating on air!  Considering I'm getting a 4:40 am shuttle to the airport, I don't think sleep's on the agenda anytime soon...LOL

The event was called "Help Is On The Way" and despite the fact that it was quite the star-studded gala, I only had eyes for our star, Lucy!

I was picked up at my hotel by Marie Foose, her partner, Melissa, their friend Gigi (our chauffer for the evening <G>), and Gigi's daughter Melanie.  We arrived at approximately 5:45 pm and began to wander around the huge silent auction area where Lucy's donated costumes and other goodies were being displayed.

Before long I ran into Sharon Delaney and loads of other Xenites who were attending.  (Sure had the feel of a mini-con since I was able to catch up with so many old friends that I normally only get to see in Pasadena or Burbank!)

I could tell my luck was good for the night when, through a strange turn of events, Melanie had to go back home and I ended up with her seat!  Considering that moved me from row 15 to 8, I was not at all complaining :O)

All of the performers in this show were amazing, from Tyne Daly to Lucie Arnaz, to Carole Cook and our one-and-only Lucy Lawless, it was a magical evening of song and comedy.

Lucy took to the stage as performer #5 in the 2nd act and was absolutely breathtaking in a black dress with white trim.  Her medley of two songs from "Annie Get Your Gun" were incredible...her voice was flawless!  Non-Xenites in attendance were overheard numerous times commenting that they had no idea she had such a beautiful voice.

It was obvious that there was a lot of love and respest for Lucy from the cast and crew of the show.  Bruce Vilanch even made a comment about women who would do anything to meet Lucy Lawless during his performance!  LOL

At the end of the show, Lucy returned to the stage with the other performers to take their bows and was looking very happy to be a part of the experience.

Shortly after everyone made their way to the cocktail and desert reception, Lucy made her appearance.  I tracked her down to take a few photos, but knew that she was going to eventually be heading up to the front of the room where a large contingent of Xenites was "standing by" to spend time with her.  A few other fans had also tracked her down so she was pausing, signing autographs and taking pictures while she was enroute to the bar.

I checked with Sharon and confirmed that she was going to be bringing Lucy up front, and then, Gods only know what hit me...Lucy happened to look up and smile at me (I was standing one person away from her) and I said, "Lucy, your girls are waiting for you, when you're ready"!  Well, I can only wish I could describe the look that went across her face when I said that!!   LOL  She didn't know what hit her...then she smiled coyly and said something like, "Well, all right!"  :O)

As my now suddenly wobbly knees carried me back to the group, I questioned my sanity and decided that it was far too late to worry about it!

Eventually Lucy did make it to the group, and spent at least an hour or more chatting and taking photos with everyone...what a trooper.  To say she was deluged with love would be an understatement :O)

As for me, I'm not sure whether my highlight was finally having my dream of meeting Lucy come true, or what she did for a dear friend of mine.  Shortly before she was leaving, I called my buddy, Nan, and promply handed the phone to Lucy.  Without missing a beat she talked with Nan for a couple of minutes...I'm not sure if either Nan or I will be able to remember everything she said, but I do recall Lucy laughing like mad going, "No, don't have a stroke!"  And then of course, there was the several minutes of Nan screaming in my ear afterwards!!

Shortly after that, Lucy took her leave amidst lots of Xena battle cries leaving one very satisfied crowd of Xenites least until next time.

Oh, and in case you're cell phone will never be the same :O)


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