Synopsis: Jane and her partner her a dead-end while investigating a young boy's kidnapping. Jane enlists Tarzan to help find the boy by using his tracking skills.


Screen captures by Judi Mair, guide by Mesh.

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John is very upset about being locked up in the house for so long. He starts trashing the room, then fleas through the window despite aunt Kate's plea - He goes to see Jane.


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Kate goes to see Jane at the police station, she's worried about her nephew who hasn't returned home yet. Jane tells her that she saw John that morning, but she was too upset to think straight and send the young man home, where he'd be safe from his uncle.


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After helping Jane solve her case, John returns to Kate's house. His auntie asks him to open the window next time he wants to take off.


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John/Tarzan explores the mansion, he stumbled upon his old room and the wing his family used to live in. Aunt Kate tell him that she kept it all locked up since their disappearance. The wing has a nice large indoor garden that fascinates John. Kate asks John to stay, he nods his head.


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