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November 2009 Archives

30 November 2009

Win A Picnic With Lucy 5 December 2009

MORE FM are giving you a chance to win a picnic for you and your family at the free concert with Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm. All you have to do is simply enter below by telling us why you would like to live like a VIP at this event.

More FM - 29 November 2009

You have seen it on TV, read it in the newspapaer and heard about it for month's, now it is your turn to Sign On.

On Saturday 5 December come along to the FREE Planet A march and concert where you can catch some of your favourite New Zealand bands play live, including Midnight Youth, Opshop, Don McGlashen, Kirsten Morrell and Lucy Lawless and Band. Rhys Darby is hosting the event so you can guarantee there will be plenty of laughs in between.

The march kicks off at 1pm at the water fountain in Albert Park; then a short walk up Queen Street to Myers Park, where the concert starts at 2:30pm

MORE FM are giving you a chance to win a picnic for you and your family at the free concert with Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm. All you have to do is simply enter below by telling us why you would like to live like a VIP at this event.



30 November 2009

Starz Special - Spartacus Behind The Scenes

ImageStarz has a page up for an upcoming look at behind the scenes on Spartacus.

Go behind the scenes and on the set of the Starz Original series "Spartacus."

Click here for more
News submitted by Barbara Davies



30 November 2009

Lucy Unleashes Shower Power - Sunday Star Times

sundaystartimes291109b smallSHOCK HORROR! Lucy Lawless has been caught on video in a steamy scene that's becoming an internet sensation. The actress is now heating up YouTube with a clip that shows her singing naked in the shower.

But unlike many online clips of underdressed celebs, this web hit has the full endorsement of the Kiwi TV star.

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27 November 2009

New Lucretia Promo on Official Spartacus Site


The official Spartacus site has new cast photos and this one is another gorgeous photo of Lucy as Lucretia

Check out the rest of the photos here!



27 November 2009

Photos From NZYD Farewell Fundraiser

lucybag.jpgNew Zealand Youth Delegation to Copenhagen held a celebrity bag auction as a farewell fundraiser for their trip to the UN talks on climate change next month.The auction featured reusable shopping bags which were decorated by a range of famous New Zealanders who were keen to show their support.

Lucy's bag was amongst those auctioned off - the image on the left. Click here to see more pictures!

News submitted by Barbara Davies



24 November 2009

NZYD Farewell Fundraiser Lucy Designed Bag

lucybag.jpgLast Thursday night the New Zealand Youth Delegation to Copenhagen held a celebrity bag auction as a farewell fundraiser for their trip to the UN talks on climate change next month.

The auction featured reusable shopping bags which were decorated by a range of famous New Zealanders who were keen to show their support.

The big names included actresses Robyn Malcolm, Lucy Lawless, and Sarah Thompson, Olympic Gold Medalists Barbara Kendall and Caroline Evers-Swindell, singer Che Fu, producer DLT, actors/comedians Rhys Darby and Dave Fane, Huffer's Dan Buckley, activist and producer Susi Newborn, and Mayor Bob Harvey.



24 November 2009

Lucy Singing In The Shower - Planet A Concert Warm Up

Lucy in the shower singing up a storm preparing for the Planet A Concert on 5 December...the song? G.L.O.R.I.A. <g> That's not to say Lucy will sing this song but she cracks me up! Go Lucy!



23 November 2009

Key to Copenhagen Money Goes To Youth Instead

Key to Copenhagen money goes to youth instead
Monday, 23 November 2009, 12:04 pm
Press Release: Greenpeace New Zealand

Auckland Monday November 23 2009- Greenpeace will give the money it raised to help get John Key to Copenhagen to two youth delegations instead.

Nearly $5,000 was raised through cakestalls, sausage sizzles, donations and auctions to help get the Prime Minister to the UN climate talks, as part of the Sign On campaign (

Sign On ambassadors Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger last week travelled to Parliament to present the money to the Prime Minister, but he refused to meet them and refused the cheque.

The money will now go to five Enviro-Challenge students and 12 members of the New Zealand Youth Delegation who're travelling to Denmark.

Both groups will attend the International Youth Climate Forum in Copenhagen, which precedes the main climate talks and a statement from the forum will be put into the main agenda. The 12 members of the youth delegation will then stay on for the duration of the talks.



23 November 2009

Older Lucy Lawless Interviews on YouTube

Some kind soul has posted a whole bunch of older Lucy interviews (29 of them) on YouTube. Unfortunately they haven't listed from which show the interviews were from. Most of the older Lucy fans would know but not newer fans.

You may want to look at the Lucy Interviews section on AUSXIP and compare the screencapture to the video to make it easier to find where the interview is from.



23 November 2009

Lucy Lawless Perfect Example of Kiwi Beauty

You know seriously..this is a real article. This whole article had me shaking my head (must be a very slow news day at the NZ Herald) BUT it did produce a Lucy mention which is pretty cool although this whole article is just plain silly.

Mathura-Jeffree picks Lucy Lawless as a perfect example of Kiwi beauty.

Kiwi men too sexy for NZ sheilas (NZ Herald) (for those that don't know what "sheilas"is (other than a woman's name) it's slang for women.)

Kiwi blokes are among the world's most attractive, but New Zealand women are struggling in the good-looks competition, according to a website that lets only beautiful people sign up.

Read the article here



22 November 2009

Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Episode 2 Review
Sacramentum Gladiatorum
by MaryD

"I burn for no cause but my own" ... Spartacus to Batiatus

Spartacus gets an introduction to life in the Ludus, we see more of Batatius and Lucretia, introduced to the rest of the Gladiators in the Ludus and away we go. Many thanks to Starz Entertainment for the chance to review this episode.

If I spoil this episode, lots and lots of people will be unhappy. I've been playing 'let's see how long I can go without seeing episode 2'. I've lasted two days. Not bad. Having just finished watching this episode I will make this prediction. There will be a great deal of artwork produced by fans from this show (and I'm not talking about naked people). The visuals in this show are incredible. The last time I had this creative reaction to a tv show was Xena.

Read My Review



22 November 2009

New Planet A March & Concert Poster

The following poster was in the Herald on Sunday newspaper 22 November 2009 to promote the march and concert on 5 December 2009.






20 November 2009

Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1, Episode 1 Review

Spartacus Blood and Sand: Season 1 Episode 1
The Red Serpent Review

by MaryD

I'm writing this review (without spoilers) after watching the first Spartacus: Blood and Sand episode via Starz. Many thanks to Starz for giving me the opportunity.

Betrayed by his country. Beaten into slavery. Reborn as a warrior. Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a graphic and visceral account of Rome's most famous gladiator. When he's separated from the love of his life, Spartacus is forced into the gruesome and bloodthirsty arena, where a grisly death is primetime entertainment. Spartacus must fight for survival, befriend his enemies and play politics in this new world of corruption, violence, sex and fame. He'll be seduced by power and tormented by vengeance. But his passion will give him the strength to prevail over every obstacle, in this modern and uninhibited tale of death, honor and endurance.

Starring Australian actor, Andy Whitfield (McLeod's Daughters) as Spartacus, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Lucretia, John Hannah (The Mummy, Four Weddings and A Funeral) as Batiatus and Peter Mensah (300, The Incredible Hulk) as Doctore, this unique mix of live action, graphic novel effects and brutal battle sequences is set to make Spartacus: Blood & Sand an epic television event.

Read Review (does not contain SPOILERS)



20 November 2009

Planet A March Location Has Changed

planetaconcertrevised.jpgThe Planet A March which begins at 1 pm on 5 December has had a venue change. It is now starting from the fountain at Albert Park up to Queen Street to Myers Park.

The poster has also been changed to reflect the new location.

The concert will be held between 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm at Myers Park as scheduled.

Click here for more news about Lucy and the Planet A concert



19 November 2009

Lucy Video Sky News and Lucy Message About Visit

There is more of Lucy in this video rather than the very short quip from Lucy on the TVNZ 3 News posted yesterday. Lucy has also posted a new message on her site about the visit. Click here to read



19 November 2009

Lucy on TVNZ 3 News Video & Media Mentions

The heat is on for John Key to go to Copenhagen and Lucy's attempt to give him a cheque for nearly $5000 in addition to flowers came to a complete half and couldn't get past security. Here's links and video of Lucy's attempt


Media (NZ and Overseas) | Video




International Media

New Zealand Media






19 November 2009

Possible Upcoming Lucy Interview on TVNZ Media 7

Wonder if this tweet means a Lucy interview on the TVNZ show Media 7 with journalist Russell Brown is imminent?


At Coco on K Road, dinner with Sean Plunket, Lucy Lawless etc after Media7 recording. Life could actually be worse.
9 minutes ago from Tweetie

Russell Brown

News submitted by Barbara Davies



19 November 2009

Planet A Concert To Be Streamed Live on Net

The New Zealand Greenpeace site has a poster about the Planet A concert on 5 December which states that the concert will be streamed live on the net via - the concert will be between 2:30 to 6:30 pm.


The Planet A march and concert for the climate  is now only 3 weeks away and, even if you don't live in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, we've still got some exciting news for you  - we're going to stream the concert live via

PLANET A  is going to be massive - great bands, awesome speakers plus a giant haka to challenge New Zealand's representatives going to the climate summit. There will be similar events in Wellington and Christchurch.

We're not sure where you live but if you're not in  Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch that doesn't mean you have to miss out!

We've got a cunning plan that's going to make history and involve you. We're streaming the concert live to the internet via so, whether you're in Ashburton or Edinburgh, you'll be able to tune in and watch the concert in high quality over the internet.

So put 2:30-6:30pm December 5 in your diary and invite your mates to come over and watch the concert, and help us spread the workd on Facebook if you can.


Nick and the team at Greenpeace



18 November 2009

Lucy Pictures From Not Meeting John Key

The photos of Lucy trying to get to meet up with John Key have been posted on the NZPA image site:


Also available (the last one in this set) in a medium res on this site

More pics and reports here:

High Resolution Images Here



18 November 2009

Lucy With Cheque But No Show John Key

It seems John Key just didn't want to meet Lucy and Dr Salinger to accept the cheque for $4781 to take him to Copenhagen. Lucy comes to your door with flowers, a cheque and a smile and you knock it back? Wow. <g>


Actress Lucy Lawless, of Xena the Warrior Princess fame, and climate scientist Jim Salinger only got as far as the Beehive front desk when attempting to give Prime Minister John Key a boarding pass to Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Representing Greenpeace, Ms Lawless and Dr Salinger were responding to Mr Key's decision not to attend an international climate change meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, next month.

They arrived at Parliament with flowers, an over-sized boarding pass and a cheque for $NZ4781 ($A3,834), raised from sausage sizzles and cake stalls, to put towards the Prime Minister's air fare.

They waited, along with gathered media, while a Beehive staffer phoned Mr Key's office to say he had visitors, only to be told the Prime Minister was otherwise engaged.

After another attempt was made to see Mr Key - and declined, along with the cheque - the pair had to make do with leaving the flowers and boarding pass with security staff.

"He's a man, he can change his mind," said a hopeful Lawless.

Mr Key argued on Tuesday it was clear no binding treaty would be signed in Copenhagen - despite earlier talk of an international resolution being on the cards - and that Environment Minister Nick Smith would be New Zealand's representative there.

Lawless and Dr Salinger said progress would only be made towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions on an international scale if heads of state made it happen.

Sending bureaucrats or people representing heads of state was a cop-out.

Mr Key later said he had not been given warning about the visit, and shrugged off questions about why he didn't meet the pair.

"I was probably out getting lunch or something."

Dr Salinger said the unspent $NZ4781 ($A3,834) was likely to be referred back to Greenpeace for it to put towards its campaign to raise New Zealand's greenhouse emissions target.

Security blocks Lucy Lawless from delivering cheque

Actress Lucy Lawless could not get past Parliament's security today when she tried to give Prime Minister John Key money to travel to climate talks in Copenhagen.

The Xena: Warrior Princess star and climate scientist Jim Salinger want Mr Key to attend the talks, but he is sending junior ministers instead.

Ms Lawless and Dr Salinger brandished a nearly $5000 cheque from Greenpeace to pay Mr Key's flights to Denmark.

He declined a meeting, but the activists are not buying his line that it is not worth going.


Videos would be posted on tvnz news later - Lucy was on the radio today after not
seeing John Key

Should be on the news as well. Video will appear here:

There's a mention up here already, but no video:



18 November 2009

Press Release: Lucy Offers Key Copenhagen Cash

Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger will arrive at Parliament at 1pm with a cheque to help get Prime Minister John Key to the Copenhagen climate talks in December.and a Copenhagen boarding pass.

Press Release: Greenpeace New Zealand 
Wednesday, 18 November 2009, 10:03 am

Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger offer nearly $5,000 to John Key

Auckland Wednesday November 18 2009 - Actress Lucy Lawless and top climate scientist Jim Salinger will visit Parliament today to present Prime Minister John Key with nearly $5,000 to help get him to the Copenhagen climate talks in December.

A fundraising drive to get "Key to Copenhagen" started last month (1), as part of Greenpeace's Sign On campaign ( $4,781 was raised through cakestalls, sausage sizzles, donations and auctions across New Zealand.

"Copenhagen is the most important meeting of our time - it could set us on the path of positive change, or put the planet on a road of destructive climate change," said Jim Salinger. "Despite recent suggestions the talks are set to fail, all that's required to make them work is political will at the highest level.

"Global leaders, including John Key, need to go to the summit and ensure an agreement is reached to drastically reduce global emissions. It's not going to be the bureaucrats that make the meeting a success; it's going to be global leaders."

The Danish Prime Minister has formally announced he's invited all heads of state to Copenhagen and 40 world leaders are confirmed as going, including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (2). It is also an increasing possibility that US President Barack Obama will attend (3).

"People from all corners of the country have given to the Key to Copenhagen cause, because they believe John Key must go to Copenhagen," said Lucy Lawless. "The comments on the donation site say it all (4); New Zealanders care about this issue deeply and they want John Key to step up.

"The Prime Minister must listen to the over 160,000 people who've Signed On, go to Copenhagen and commit to a 40% by 2020 emissions reduction target," said Lawless.

"New Zealand is currently placed badly in the international negotiations," said Salinger. "We are stragglers compared to many other developed countries. This failure to act will cost us with our trading partners; you only need to look at last week's Guardian article to see what we're up against." (5)

DETAILS: Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger will arrive at Parliament at 1pm. They will have a cheque and a Copenhagen boarding pass to present to the Prime Minister.



(3),1518,660386,00.html and



17 November 2009

Lucy Designed Bag To Be Auctioned For NZYD Fundraiser

lucybag.jpgWHAT:  Along with other international groups the New Zealand Youth Delegation (NZYD) will soon be heading to Copenhagen for the Climate Change Conference, so we're throwing a bit of a do!  If you are in or around Auckland this Thursday, pop along to Freemans Bay to help the group celebrate their imminent departure. As well as entertainment and nibbles there will a lovely eco raffle and a fabulous auction of painted canvas bags designed by NZ creatives and celebrities including Megan Hosking (of Alto), Che Fu and Lucy Lawless!
DETAILS:  NZYD Official Leaving Party & Fundraiser
Charity Auction! Live Entertainment! A night of FUN!

Thursday 19 November 2009, 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Freemans Bay Community Centre, 52 Hepburn Street, AKL
News submitted by Julie H



15 November 2009

Spartacus Departacus - Sunday Star Times 15 Nov 09

Spartacus Departacus - Sexy swords and sandals epic winds up - but is Lucy's new show too hot for NZ TV to handle?-  Sunday Star Times 15 November 2009

Sexy swords and sandals epic winds up - but is Lucy's new show too hot for NZ TV to handle?

THE CAST and crew of big-budget American TV production Spartacus: Blood and Sand farewelled international stars John Hannah and Australian Viva Bianca last week at inner-city Auckland bar La Zeppa. The raunchy show has been courting controversy ever since it was revealed that strippers were cast as extras. Rumours are it features full-frontal nudity, orgies and naked battle scenes. Scheduled to screen in the US in January, there is no word on whether Kiwis will see the R-rated series dubbed "the boldest show on television".

Hannah, the Scottish actor best known for his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Mummy movies, stars as as Batiatus, the husband of Lucy Lawless' character Lucretia

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12 November 2009

Lucy Quote About Planet A Sign On March & Concert

Here at Sign On HQ, focus has well and truly shifted to the campaign's big finale for 2009 - simultaneous marches in Auckland and Wellington, and a free concert in Myers Park at the end of the Auckland march, featuring Opshop, Midnight Youth, Kirsten Morrell, Don McGlashan and Lucy Lawless. The day shall hereby be known as "Planet A Day".

At the Auckland do, we'll also have a go at a giant haka to challenge the New Zealand delegation at Copenhagen. There'll be special speakers, Rhys Darby being funny as MC and hopefully sun. It's going to be a right royal send off for the NZ team heading to Copenhagen, and a clear directive to Prime Minister John Key to ensure his Government does the right thing at the most important meeting in history.

Reading this? Tell all your friends about the Planet A events, via facebook , or download a poster and stick it to something.

Here's what the performers have to say about the Planet A concert in Auckland:

Lucy Lawless: "It's going to be a wicked event.  Everyone who's involved takes climate change very seriously and we want our Prime Minister to know that the people of New Zealand demand that he attends the world summit in Copenhagen and support a 40% 2020 emissions reduction target. There is no Planet B so the health of Planet A, is fundamental to our future and economy.  I urge everyone to come on down on December 5th and get hot on this issue."

Read More



11 November 2009

Lucy's Joan of Arc Warrior Women in Advert

A Brit location catering company has used snippets from Lucy's Joan of Arc episode of Warrior Women to advertise its services. ('We fed the entire cast and crew for this production, and even helped out as extras!'). It's a pity there isn't more of Lucy onscreen than the opening credits, but she's doing the voiceover, at least:

News submitted by Barbara Davies



11 November 2009

Sign On March and Concert News Update

planet-a-big-banner.gifIt appears that in addition to the Auckland Sign On March on 5 December, there will also be one in Wellington.

Greenpeace's Sign On climate campaign will culminate in a huge free public concert in Auckland on Saturday 5 December. Planet A - March and Concert for the Climate will kick off with a march up Queen Street from 1pm to Myers Park, where the concert will be held from 2:30pm - 6:30pm. Artists including Opshop, Midnight Youth, Don McGlashan and Kirsten Morrell will perform as well as Sign On ambassadors Lucy Lawless and Keisha Castle-Hughes. Rhys Darby will MC the event. The event is aimed at allowing Kiwis to show their support of a strong outcome at the Copenhagen climate conference, which starts two days later on December 7.

The Sign On campaign, launched in May and supported by nearly 160,000 Kiwis, is calling on the New Zealand Government to commit to the 40% by 2020 emission reduction target. See

A public march will be held simultaneously in Wellington.



6 November 2009

Planet A Climate Change March & Concert 5 Dec 09

PLANET-A-poster.jpgThe official Sign On Site has more information about the upcoming Planet A Climate Change March and Concert where Lucy will be performing.

We're having a party!

December 5th Auckland, Myers Park, Dec 5th
Free "PLANET A March and Concert for the Climate"
With Don McGlashan, Midnight Youth, Opshop and more!
MC'd by Rhys Darby

Tell your friends - download the poster.

Put it in your diary.
MARCH begins at
and goes from
QE2 Square up
Queen Street
to Myers Park

Download a Poster and stick it up at work (PDF)



5 November 2009

Go Green! A Call to Lucy Fans For 2010 Xena Con!

ll-ladodgers0808-022.jpgThis is an interesting idea that was passed along to me would be a cool idea and Lucy will get a kick out of it seeing her fans supporting her tireless efforts with the Sign On Campaign. It will be a nice addition to this year's Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week that had an environmental edge to it. So if you are going to the convention, wear something GREEN! when Lucy is on stage on Friday so she can see a sea of green!

Hey, to celebrate and honor Lucy's tireless work for the environment WEAR GREEN to the convention on Feb.5th! What fun it would be for Lucy to look out onto a sea of green for our Mother Earth in honor of her hard work! Anything GREEN just something! Can we do it! What do you think? If not maybe I will be the only one in green. Go GREEN for "XWP" now "Lucy Environmental Compass"!



4 November 2009

Lucy To Perform At Planet A Climate Change Concert

planet-a-poster.gifLooks like Lucy will be performing at a Sign On Greenpeace concert called "Planet A Climate Change" (There is no Planet B). If you are in Auckland, this is the place to be on 5 December between 2 and 6:30 pm at Myers Park, Queen Street, Auckland.



Check out the poster

More info will be posted as it becomes available about this concert.

News submitted by Barbara Davies 



2 November 2009

Lucy Interview Sunrise 23 October 2009 Video & Caps

Lucy appeared on the New Zealand morning show Sunrise on 23 October 2009. Added tv version of the interview.

*Special Note: Keep watching the video till the very end...there's a Lucy blooper* that wasn't shown on the TV3 Sunrise streaming version of the interview.

HTML clipboardLucy talked to Oliver Driver about Xena, Battlestar Galactica, her work for Greenpeace and the Sign On Campaign and of course her role on Spartacus Blood and Sand as Lucretia.
Click here to view video and screencaptures



2 November 2009

Rob Tapert Article - West Side Story

Canvas Magazine (the New Zealand Herald magazine supplement) had a great article about Rob and his contribution for the filming industry in Auckland. Check out the article which features mentions of Lucy, Xena, Legend of the Seeker and of course Spartacus Blood and Sand:

Canvas Magazine - 31 October 2009
West Side Story

While most Auckland businesses have spent the past year with the recession blues, the city's film production industry -- our so-called Westywood -- has been quietly prospering, partly thanks to the man who gave us Hercules and Xena. But, as GREG DIXON finds, the industry is short of space for future growth

IN SHOWBIZ, glamour is just another I special effect. On-screen and on the I red carpet, the business is one of alluring fantasies and luminous stars. Off-screen -- in, say, a warehouse in Auckland's drab, industrial suburb of Mt Wellington on a wet October I morning -- film and telly look much like factory work.

American TV producer Rob Tapert is walking me -- at speed -- through a soundstage converted from this particular warehouse, one where he's shooting parts of his latest TV fantasy series, the sword, sand and sex epic Spartacus. I am, apparently, the first New Zealand journalist to get this tour. And while I was grateful to Tapert -- the guy behind Hercules and Xena and husband of Lucy Lawless -- for bothering to make the time, it is, as one often finds on film and television sets, rather less fun than you imagine.

Read Full Article



2 November 2009

Andrew Young NY Update - The Finish Line!

As many of you know Andrew Young from Starship has been training for the NY Marathon and today in New York was D Day...and he finished the marathon 4 hours 03 minutes and 15 seconds! Way to go Andrew! He has raised over $26,000 for the kids at Starship and that's why Andrew was running. Vicki (Andrew's running mate) has also finished the race at: 6 hours :01 minute :27 seconds and one more person who wasn't previously mentioned and that is Paul Grinder..he's from the Spartacus production crew (assistant director) Paul finished at 05 hours :10 minutes :39 seconds!

Congratulations to all three and to the other runners who did the grueling 41.8 km trek!



1 November 2009

Lucy - I Had A Ball With Ru Paul - NZ Sunday News

Lucy Lawless - I Had A Ball With Ru Paul - It wasn't a drag for Lucy Lawless to take part in a new reality show - Sunday News (New Zealand) 1 November 2009

KIWI beauty Lucy Lawless has once again teamed up with the world's most famous drag queen.

The Xena: Warrior Princess stunner has long been friends with RuPaul, and in 2006 he dueted with the actress on the single Come 2 Me, which helped kickstart her singing career.

Now she has repaid the favour by appearing in the US entertainer's latest project, a reality show called RuPaul's Drag Race, dubbed America's Next Top Model for cross dressers.

Lawless will appear on our screens later this month as a guest judge in the series, which has been a surprise hit in the US.

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