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February 2010 Archives

28 February 2010

Lucy Interview Hollywood Confidential mp3

ImageLucy Hollywood Confidential Radio Interview

Lucy was a guest on the Hollywood Confidential Radio Show with Leeza Gibbons 27 February 2010

mp3 created by Roger for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless

Interview length: 6.34 minutes

Click here to listen to the interview



27 February 2010

Season 1 Episode 7 Episode Promo Now Online

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Ep 107 ‘Great And Unfortunate Things’. Overcome by the pressure of Batiatus’ control, Spartacus must make a choice: leave his past behind and assume the mantle of a champion gladiator, or die.


Click here to view the episode promo

Click here to view episode stills for this episode



26 February 2010

Andy and Lucy Photo from NY Post

Image This is a cool pic which I haven't seen before from the NY Post (the article was posted while I was overseas).

'Spartacus' stars dish the naked truth

Posted: 12:28 AM, January 23, 2010

'Spartacus" is this year's most notorious flesh-and-blood series.

And you won't have to wait long for that; the flesh arrives six minutes into the first of the Starz drama's 13 episodes, which premiered last night.

In the scene, Thracian he-man Spartacus, played by Welsh-born actor Andy Whitfield, is making love to his wife.

The camera lovingly pans down their writhing naked bodies. Sex scenes, in fact, come at regular intervals in the series premiere, with full-frontal female nudity 18 minutes into the one-hour episode.

In the drama, Spartacus becomes enslaved by the Capuan army and trains to be a gladiator in a school run by the sex-starved Lucretia, played by Lucy Lawless, so memorable from "Xena, Warrior Princess."

Read more: New York Post



26 February 2010

Lucy Interview - Betty Confidential Feb 2010

ImageThe Betty Interview: Lucy Lawless
The former Xena star opens up to BettyConfidential about loving being a brunette, hating Celine Dion and grinning and bearing it through all the sex scenes on her new series, Spartacus.

Lucy Lawless is glad she’s gone back to the dark side again. The 41-year-old, best known for her career-defining role as a butt-kicking babe on Xena: Warrior Princess, was a blonde for a number of years. “I looked really good, but there are four billion other blonde people in Hollywood,” the New Zealand native tells BettyConfidential. “I just got used to it and going unrecognized was the norm to me and all of a sudden I colored my hair dark and — bang! — I’m totally famous again. It’s so weird.”

On her new show, the Starz gladiator drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Lucy is more likely to be noticed for her character Lucretia’s wrath — as well as her rack. But that doesn’t exactly sit well with her. “For a Down Under person, it’s really hard to reconcile everyone’s body obsession,” Lucy admits. “It’s nice to feel sexy, but you never want to feel like just a piece of meat!”

Read Interview



26 February 2010

Lucy on Hollywood Confidential Radio This Week

ImageLucy's on this week's radio show.

@Starz_Channel star Lucy Lawless talks about her steamy Spartacus sex scenes this weekend on Hollywood Confidential radio. Don't miss it!
about 7 hours ago via web
Leeza Gibbons

This weekend Spartacus star Lucy Lawless checks in from New Zealand, plus from Dexter to Desperate Housewives to the new Hallmark Channel film Uncorked, actress Julie Benz checks in and Dule Hill of Psych joins me. Plus, he’s one of the hottest new voices in jazz – the delightful singer/songwriter Spencer Day stops by our studio and we’ll help you Know Yourself Better with Jordanna Joaquina of AccessDNA and our pal Jesse Dylan returns with The Good Life.

It’s all coming your way this weekend, because if you need to know about, we’ve got it for you right here on Hollywood Confidential...


News submitted by Barbara Davies



26 February 2010

Spartacus Character Video - Lucretia



Wife of Batiatus and equal in cunning, Lucretia sees every angle and wields power behind the scenes. Lucy Lawless as Lucretia. "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" Fridays at 10 pm et/pt.


Click here to view video clip

Submitted by Barbara Davies



26 February 2010

Lucy Venice Photoshoot and Article Hi Res Scans

Added 4 scans from the Venice Magazine February 2010 Issue featuring Lucy. Also added scans / transcript of the article to Lucy's press page.







Click here to view article + images



24 February 2010

S1 E6 Episode Promos Delicate Things

S1 E6 A New Champion

Ep 106 ‘Delicate Things’ Batiatus relishes in Spartacus victory and plans future delights for the arena.



S1 E6 Delicate Things

Ep 106 ‘Delicate Things’ – With the glory and riches reaped by Spartacus’ victory in the arena, it appears that his long desired reward will be granted when Batiatus informs him that he will be reunited with his wife.

More Multimedia From This Episode
Credits | Official Page | Episode Stills



24 February 2010

Spartacus Episode Promos Episode 5 Shadow Games


S1 E5 Chosen For the Primus

Ep 105 Shadow Games' Batiatus is cunningly maneuvered to commit his best men to fight Theokoles - The Shadow of Death.



S1 E5 Prove Yourselves Worthy

Ep 105 'Shadow Games' Crixus, The Champion of Capua is appreciated as Doctore prepares him and Spartacus to face Theokoles



24 February 2010

Bitch Slap Video Clips!

Bitch Slap Behind the Scenes Video Clips and Promos! Check them out

You Chained Her Up?
Trixie (Julia Voth) learns that Camero (America Olivo) has been ch...
Posted 2010-02-08 23:46:01
Tags: action, julia voth, erin cummings, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m33s | Views: 380 | Embeds: 1235

What Up Bitches
The girls receive unwelcome guests.
Posted 2010-02-08 23:42:49
Tags: action, julia voth, erin cummings, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 1m4s | Views: 285 | Embeds: 1124

Tempting Offer
Hel (Erin Cummings) makes an offer to Deputy Fuchs (Ron Melendez).
Posted 2010-02-08 23:39:59
Tags: action, julia voth, erin cummings, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m33s | Views: 254 | Embeds: 956

Stay Down
The girls release their captive from the trunk.
Posted 2010-02-08 23:37:06
Tags: action, america olivo, julia voth, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m22s | Views: 212 | Embeds: 892

Sister Prudence Bangtail
Hel (Erin Cummings) gives up on being a sister.
Posted 2010-02-08 23:35:03
Tags: action, lucy lawless, renee oconnor, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m32s | Views: 231 | Embeds: 911

Trixie (Julia Voth) tricks Gage (Michael Hurst) into having a drink.
Posted 2010-02-08 23:32:13
Tags: action, julia voth, michael hurst, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m21s | Views: 184 | Embeds: 940

Black Ice
Camero (America Olivo) attempts to recover a key from Black Ice.
Posted 2010-02-08 23:29:05
Tags: action, america olivo, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 0m14s | Views: 168 | Embeds: 943

A Public Service Announcement from the girls of Bitch Slap.
Posted 2010-01-08 12:58:08
Tags: lucy lawless, kevin sorbo, renee oconnor, bitch slap
Runtime: 1m26s | Views: 835 | Embeds: 7995

Feature Trailer
The feature trailer for Bitch Slap which is a toned down version o...
Posted 2009-11-17 20:27:07
Tags: lucy lawless, kevin sorbo, renee oconnor, bitch slap
Hi-Res TrailerRuntime: 2m29s | Views: 3130 | Embeds: 40443

Red Band Trailer
Red band trailer for Bitch Slap, an exploitation film that mixes h...
Posted 2009-08-26 00:41:13
Tags: redband, lucy lawless, kevin sorbo, bitch slap
Runtime: 2m32s | Views: 10255 | Embeds: 29912



24 February 2010

Lucy Photos from Venice Photoshoot

ImageImage These are absolutely gorgeous! The photos are of Lucy from the 2010 Venice Photoshoot which were taken for he Venice Magazine. They have been posted to Lucy's Official site.

Click here to see the larger versons

Click here to read the interview



23 February 2010

Lucy Interview People Magazine Feb 2010

Image There is a brief interview with Lucy about Spartacus in People Magazine 8 February 2010

The Xena: Warrior Princess star, 41, plays a gladiator training camp owner on Starz' new ancient-Rome drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Click here to read the article



23 February 2010

Lucy Interview Suncoast Gazette Feb 2010

ImageThe following interview was conducted with Lucy whilst at the 2009 Comic Con by John Chambrone from the Suncoast Gazette in Florida.

SAN DIEGO-For the past couple of years I have been able to report on San Diego Comic Con. Last year I was fortunate enough to score a few minutes with Lucy Lawless. The New Zealand born actress took the world by storm when she appeared on "Hercules, the Legendary Journeys," opposite Kevin Sorbo, as "Xena, Warrior Princess."

That popular pairing led to her own spin off series of the same name. After 'Xena,' the actress has continued to keep busy, appearing in the revamped Sci fi hit "Battlestar Galactica,' and more recently, "Spartacus." While growing up, Lawless had a fondness for singing and decided she wanted to become an opera singer. That soon changed when she turned 16 and realized that to become an opera singer she would have to adhere to a strict diet and couldn't stay out all night. In 1997, she was named one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people.

The former warrior princess was on hand to promote, 'Spartacus,' which recently began on the Starz Channel. The network was so impressed by the first thirteen week series, that a second series was green lighted a month before the first series small screen debut. I want to say it brings me great joy to begin an interview by stating, "Hello. This is John Chambrone reporting live from Comic Con." That said, here we go with my interview with the lovely Lucy Lawless.

Read Interview

Submitted by Barbara Davies



22 February 2010

Lucy Interviews Podcasts in Itunes

ImageThere are 3 podcasts that pop up if you search for Lucy Lawless on iTunes. One is the Rod Ryan Show Podcast from 1-19-10, the other is
Rude Awakening with Bulldog also from 1-19-10, and Daily Actor from the same date again.

There's also a compilation album called Celebrity Tributes that has a song You Don't Wanna Mess with Lucy Lawless.

These may be for US folks only.
News submitted by Mesh



22 February 2010

Lucy Photos by Steven Sears

ImageThe ever adorable Steven Sears has posted the following pics of Lucy from his photo collection to his twitter account.

@FSUWriter: - Sending a little something out to the Xenites!

Click here to view the larger version


and another



@FSUWriter: - And another... For the Xenites. :)



Click here to view the larger version



22 February 2010

Lawless Beauty, Blood and Sand Venice Magazine Feb 2010

ImageLAWLESS Beauty, Blood and Sand
Venice Magazine - February 2010

Lucy Lawless is a very different kind of beautiful. Her power is front and center, with her broad smile and straight talk cutting to the chase and giving the distinct impression that she doesn't suffer fools. The sultry star has earned a singular place in the public eye as an image of strength, whose characters focus a piercing fire toward such ends as kindness, justice, and vicious retribution. As Lucretia, the fair lady of the house of Batiatus on the Starz original series, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," Lawless stops at nothing to regain the former wealth of her husband's ludus, where gladiators are trained to kill and die in the arena. Set in ancient Rome, "Spartacus" sees Lawless's seductive matriarch use everyone within reach to ingratiate herself and her husband, Lentulus Batiatus (John Hannah), with those of higher station. Her performance is a sly study in greed, betrayal, and ruthless pursuit of socio-financial ascension.

Before she embarked on this reimagined tale of Spartacus [played by Andy Whitfield], the enslaved gladiator who dares to challenge the Roman supremacy, Lawless achieved stardom as the title character on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995-2001). The sword-wielding heroine on the first-run syndicated series quickly developed a devoted following of admirers, who reveled in Lawless' portrayal of kick-ass, hack-'n'-slash fearlessness, which guarded a tender core of warmth and femininity. With her faithful companion, Gabrielle (Renée O'Connor), at her side, and her knife-edged "chakram" disc always at the ready, Xena took her place among the pantheon of indelible television heroes. And while tearing through the adventure, which was shot in her native New Zealand, Lawless also found herself a family -- as she married Rob Tapert, co-creator of the fantasy saga, and they have two children together. Tapert currently co-produces "Spartacus," along with Sam Raimi, Josh Donen, and Steven S. DeKnight.

Amid the priorities of motherhood, which included dedication to her first daughter, Daisy, from a previous marriage, Lawless found time for numerous post-"Xena" projects. The statuesque thespian appeared on "The X-Files," "Veronica Mars," "Burn Notice," and "CSI: Miami," as well as in Spider-Man (2002) and a hilariously deviant vignette in Eurotrip (2004). She also offered her voice talent to the animated releases, Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight as Goldmoon, and Justice League: The New Frontier as Wonder Woman. And after lending her pipes to the FOX reality show, "Celebrity Duets," in 2006, she took to the road for a series of sold-out live performances in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and London. As her first long-term project in some time, Lawless recently took on the role of D'Anna Biers, a reporter with a wicked secret on "Battlestar Galactica." And in a playful turn, the vivacious Kiwi showed up as the Prime Minister's assistant on HBO's New Zealand-spawned hit comedy, "Flight of the Conchords." The actor-chanteuse, who grew up with six siblings in the Auckland suburb of Mount Albert, where her father was mayor, also enjoyed a stint on Broadway in 1997, as the rough-and tumble Rizzo in "Grease."

We meet with Lawless for brunch at Pane e Vino on Beverly Boulevard. The renowned performer proves a consummate conversationalist, who eschews the trivial and rolls herm eyes when you call her an icon. Here's what transpired:

Read Full Interview

News submitted by Barbara Bruno



22 February 2010

2010 Xena Convention - Photos by KT Jorgensen

Added photos by KT Jorgensen, photographer for AfterEllen of all the guests - slowly going through the images now. Here are some Lucy, Renee, Lucy and Renee and The Green Room images.

- Lucy
- Renee
- Lucy and Renee

Behind The Scenes - The Green Room
- Lucy and Renee



21 February 2010

2010 Xena Convention Photos by Earl Brown

Added Earl's photos from the 2010 Xena Convention

- Lucy
- Lucy and Renee
- Renee
- Cabaret
- Hudson

- Brittney

- Renee
- Cleopatra 2525 Reunion



21 February 2010

New Video - Xena Promo on Aussie TV

ImageThis is just a hysterical promo for Xena on the Australian SciFi channel on Foxtel which airred February 2010


Click here to view



20 February 2010

Season 1 Ep 6 Delicate Things Video & Episode Stills


On the next episode of Spartacus Blood and Sand
Season 1 Episode 6 Delicate Things

Episode Stills | Episode Promo

With the glory and riches reaped by Spartacus’ victory in the arena, it appears that his long desired reward will be granted when Batiatus informs him that he will be reunited with his wife.



20 February 2010

Lucy Attends Chinese New Year Banquet

The following tweet appeared tonight and it looks like Lucy is enjoying the Chinese New Year as part of her Starship duties:

At a Chinese New Year dinner at Grand Harbour Restaurant! And there's Lucy Lawless for Starship!
about 2 hours ago from TwiXtreme
Bevan Chuang


The Starship site has the following info about this event:

Chinese New Year Banquet

20 February 2010

The Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside are a multicultural club with members from all ethnic backgrounds and are preparing to host a sumptuous Chinese New Year banquet to celebrate the start of the Year of the Tiger, with proceeds going to Starship.

As well as a stunning nine course menu, the evening will include traditional Lion dance, contemporary jazz, live auction items and red packet raffles.

When: Saturday 20 February
Where: Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant (Cnr Pakenham St & Custom St West, Viaduct Harbour)
Time: From 6.30pm
Cost: $60 per person (includes nine courses, wine and juice on table)

Fundraising from the event will help purchase a high tech biliblanket for newborns with jaundice.

Submitted by Barbara Davies



19 February 2010

More Official Lucretia Merchandise!

Image Gold Label, the Official Merchandise Store, has posted some new items to purchase Lucretia goodies in addition the previous items

Lawless Lucretia Fitted T-Shirt
Lawless Lucretia Light T-Shirt
Lawless Lucretia Hooded Sweatshirt
Lawless Lucretia Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
Lawless Lucretia Jr. Ringer T-Shirt
Lawless Lucretia Jr. Spaghetti Tank
Lawless Lucretia Tote Bag
Lawless Lucretia Mug
Lawless Lucretia Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L

Click here to view / purchase


Items available include:
Lucretia T-Shirt
Lucretia Hooded Sweatshirt
Lucretia Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
Lucretia Jr. Raglan
Lucretia Jr. Spaghetti Tank
Lucretia Tote Bag
Lucretia Rectangle Magnet
Lucretia Postcards (Package of 8)
Lucretia Mini Poster Print
Lucretia Journal
Lucretia Mug
Lucretia Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L
Lucretia Sticker (Rectangle)

Click here to view / purchase

Submitted by Barbara Davies



19 February 2010

Lucy Scan - Wizard Magazine October 2007


Wizard Magazine #197 October 2007

Lucy at the San Diego Comic Con with her Battlestar Galactica cast members.

Scanned by Andrea

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan

You can see more photos from this event here and here

You can see Lucy's panel photos from the Super(natural) Women panel from Comic Con

Find out more about Lucy's role as D'anna Biers on Battlestar Galactica on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Battlestar Galactica subsite



19 February 2010

Roman Era Tests Lawless - 19 February 2010

ImageRoman era tests Lawless
Mekeisha Madden Toby / Detroit News Television Writer

In her "Xena" days, actress Lucy Lawless played a fearless lady warrior intent on defeating evil.

Well, these days, the New Zealand native is playing another intrepid type, named Lucretia, but this lady is anything but warrior-like, and her weapon of choice is her wanton sexuality on the violent and oversexed Starz epic "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."

The addictive and entertaining Friday night drama, which has given the premium cable network its best ratings for an original series, is set in Roman times. The show follows an enslaved Everyman named Spartacus (Andy Whitfield), who is fighting as a gladiator to win his freedom and find his missing wife. It's "Rome" meets "300."

Lawless' Lucretia and her husband, Batiatus (John Hannah, "The Mummy" movies and "Four Weddings and a Funeral"), own Spartacus. While Lucretia and Batiatus have yet to involve Spartacus in their bedroom games, the couple often solicits their slaves to, um, help keep things titillating. Seemingly insatiable, Lucretia even has a lover, a slave gladiator named Crixus (Manu Bennett).

"For the Romans, (slaves) were like an extension of your right hand," Lawless, 41, told reporters at a recent press junket while promoting the show. "They meant nothing. The Romans dehumanized people. Societies that allow slavery dehumanize."

Read More on The Detroit News

Submitted by Barbara Davies



18 February 2010

Lucy on Leeza Gibbons Radio Show

Looks like Leeza Gibbons has interviewed Lucy for her syndicated radio show Hollywood Confidential according the following tweet. It looks like another round of Sparty PR (Erin and Jai are doing some PR work in Vegas/Phoenix as well)


Talked to Lucy Lawless whos gone from Xena to Lucretial, her sexually voracious character on @Spartacus_Starz. A little violent, a lot sexy!
about 2 hours ago from web
Leeza Gibbons

News submitted by Adi and Barbara Davies



18 February 2010

Xena Convention Thanks From Creation

The following is from Creation Entertainment (featuring KT's gorgeous photos!)

ROCSigningBackstageLucyLaughingBigTHANKS to all the great stars and attendees on hand at The Official XENA Convention 2010: it was a wonderful weekend filled with friends and fun!

Today we've launched the site for the 2011 convention where you can see some cool photos from 2010. And, for those that could not make it to the convention we have an auction at eBAY featuring some nice Xena collectibles for you!



Your Friends at Creation Entertainment



16 February 2010

Upcoming Lucy Interview - Celeb Life Magazine

ImageThe following was posted on twitter from the Celeb Life Magazine tweets:


If you're a fan of Spartacus on @starz_channel, be sure to check out star Lucy Lawless in our March/April issue, out soon
about 8 hours ago from web

Celeb Life Magazine

News submitted by Barbara Davies



16 February 2010

Lucy Episode Still from Spartacus Episode 5


Spartacus Episode 5 "Shadow Games" is the next episode to air on Starz.

Season 1 Episode 5: Shadow Games

Batiatus is presented with a gladiatorial opportunity of a lifetime. Spartacus and Crixus must overcome their mutual hostility to fight as a team against a legendary and unbeaten opponent.

Click here to view episode stills from this episode

Click here to watch episode promo (no Lucy)



16 February 2010

Lucy Videos Signing Autographs

Lucy was gracious to the horde of autograph hunters at various events during her January Spartacus PR tour.

'Extraordinary Measures' premiere in New York City.

Video #1


Video #2

Lucy Lawless signed autographs at the "PIX 11 Morning News" in New York City


Video #3

Lucy Lawless signed autographs at the 'Spartacus' screening in New York City.


News submitted by Adi (Clip #1) and Barbara Davies (Clips 2 & 3)



15 February 2010

Repackaged BSG Complete Series DVD News


tvshowsondvd has some news about the upcoming release including the Box Art of the Repackaged "Complete Series" DVD and Blu-Ray sets.

Revamped versions of these sets, including The Plan, jumps into stores on April 6th

Two weeks ago Universal announced that on April 6th they will put out repackaged versions of Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Series on DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc. Just now this evening, the studio has provided package art for the revamped, more "shelf-friendly" boxes.
Click here to read more

Lucy appears as D'anna Biers in the following episodes:

Season 2

* Final Cut - Episode 9: First aired: 9/9/2005
* Downloaded - Episode 19: First aired: 2/24/2006

Season 3

* Occupation - Episode 1: First aired: 10/6/2006
* Precipice - Episode 2: First aired: 10/6/2006
* Exodus, Part 1 - Episode 3: First aired: 10/13/2006
* Exodus, Part 2 - Episode 4: First aired: 10/20/2006
* Collaborators - Episode 5: First aired: 10/27/2006
* A Measure of Salvation - Episode 6:
* Torn - Episode 7: First aired: 11/3/2006
* Hero - Episode 8: First aired: 11/17/2006
* The Passage Episode 10: First aired: 12/8/2006
* The Eye of Jupiter - Episode 11: First aired: 12/15/2006
* Rapture - Episode 12: First aired: 1/21/2007

Season 4

* The Hub - Episode 9: First aired: 6 June 2008
* Revelations - Episode 10: First aired: 14 June 2008
* Sometimes a Great Notion - Episode 11: First aired: 16 January 2009
(Final Lucy episode as D'anna Biers)

To read more / view video clips / screencaptures go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawelss Battlestar Galactica subsite



15 February 2010

James Callis Interview - Lucy Mentions

ImageJames Callis GALACTICA.TV interview
Written by Marcel Damen
Friday, 12 February 2010

Marcel Damen recently talked to James Callis, better known as Dr. Gaius Baltar on the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series. He talked about his education at London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts , how he got into the business as an actor and how he started out, his part on the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series, working with Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless, and what he's currently working on now the series has ended.


Oh! One thing that I've done that was quite funny -- it was a total joke... Lots of the scenes I did, didn't get aired. I'd be naked or close to naked or Tricia would be close to naked and it was always us! We were doing a scene with Lucy [Lawless] once and she wanted a body double in one of these things -- actually in the end they didn't use the body double, so she was actually naked -- but the reason why she possibly didn't get used was, because I said to Lucy as a joke, and Tricia started with me: "When your body double gets out of the bed and you see a huge spot on your bottom, everybody will think that's your bottom." which was total rubbish! (both laughing) Lucy then said: "I think I don't need a body double, etc." Those kind of stupid, ridiculous things were quite funny.

In one scene you shared the bed with both Lucy Lawless and Tricia Helfer. I know as an actor you're very professional and there probably wasn't anything sexy about doing the scene with twenty crew members standing around, but as a guy weren't you thinking: "Cold Shower! Cold Shower!" at the time?

No, not at all. Three people in bed is kind of unusual for me anyway. (both laughing) It's not what I'm used to. It's like you say: there are twenty people around. Lots of people talk about these scenes. I think on some level it looks sexier than it is. Tricia is beautiful, Lucy Lawless is beautiful and I'm not! What I mean to say is that when we were there lying in bed, it's just a shot (snaps his fingers) and then it's: "Get up, get out." and it's not like we're in bed for a couple of hours. Perhaps in the viewers mind it's like: "What would they do to get into this situation and where's it going to go?", but we never film that. You can't see where it came from or leads to. You know, it's done wonders for my credibility!


Click here to read full interview

News submitted by Barbara Davies



14 February 2010

New Official Spartacus Merchandise - Lucretia

ImageGoldLabel has released new Official Spartacus Merchandise with Lucy as Lucretia on them.

Items available include:
Lucretia T-Shirt
Lucretia Hooded Sweatshirt
Lucretia Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
Lucretia Jr. Raglan
Lucretia Jr. Spaghetti Tank
Lucretia Tote Bag
Lucretia Rectangle Magnet
Lucretia Postcards (Package of 8)
Lucretia Mini Poster Print
Lucretia Journal
Lucretia Mug
Lucretia Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L
Lucretia Sticker (Rectangle)

and lots more Spartacus related items

Click here to view

News submitted by Barbara Davies



14 February 2010

Spartacus Episode 4 Review - TheTorchOnline

ImageHaving seen this episode a few weeks ago as part of the screeners previews, I totally agree with the following review of the episode. This is one absolutely riveting episode.


SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND Episode Review: Spartacus vs. Leatherface!
by Posted on 12 February 2010 by Tim O'Leary, Associate Editor

The Thing In the Pit

Depending on your point of view, the latest episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand will either be your favorite episode so far, or you will want to take a nail to your corneas in an attempt to scratch the images out of your body.

I’m kind of in the second camp.

Read More

News submitted by Barbara Davies



13 February 2010

Spartacus Season 1 DVD & Blu Ray Pre-Order

ImageSpartacus: Blood and Sand DVD - Season 1 Pre-Order

Betrayed by the Romans. Forced into slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. The classic tale of the Republic’s most infamous rebel comes alive in the graphic and visceral new series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment. But not all battles are fought upon the sands. Treachery, corruption, and the allure of sensual pleasures will constantly test Spartacus. To survive, he must become more than a man. More than a gladiator. He must become a legend.

Pre-Order DVD

Pre-Order Blu-Ray



12 February 2010

Lucy as D'Anna on Caprica - Rumors

From Sharon Delaney on the Official Lucy List: "I saw a rumor floating around the internet that Lucy had been approached to do D'Anna on Caprica.  I asked, she answered, "Nope."

One of the articles that started the speculation:
Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Will we ever see the world of Battlestar Galactica come crashing into Caprica? -- Tally
MICKEY: I will bet you one meeellion cubits that we will. Caprica executive producer Jane Espenson tells us that the new show will address the overlap through the backstory of the Final Five, who, as you remember, started their "lives" on Caprica. "If you actually do the math, the [human-Cylon] war starts about five years from where our characters are in Caprica," Espenson says. And what's this? The producers have already contacted Spartacus' Lucy Lawless about reprising the role of D'Anna on Caprica. Watch your back, Eric Stoltz!


News submitted by Barbara Davies.



9 February 2010

Annual Xena Convention Photos by Ross Olmos

_thb_Image30.jpgAdded a batch of photos from the Annual Xena Convention by Ross Olmos. You can see Ross' photos in the Friday and Sunday galleries.

Click here to see Ross' photos.



9 February 2010

Annual Xena Convention Photos by slidercleo

slider2.jpg  slider.jpg

slidercleo posted a batch of terrific photos from the Annual Xena Convention. The images appear from the latest to the earliest, go back in time to see the Cleopatra panel, Renee, the cabaret, Lucy & Renee and more.

Click here to see the photos.

News submitted by Barbara Davies.



9 February 2010

John Hannah Discusses Batiatus, Lucretia

batiatus.jpg Owner of a Roman gladiatorial school in Capua. John Hannah as Batiatus. Interview with John Hannah, Andy Whitfield, Steven S. DeKnight & Rob Tapert.

The video shows scenes from the episodes, including John's scenes with Lucy Lawless.

Click here to watch the video.

News submitted by Barbara Davies.



8 February 2010

Lucy Mention in Andy Whitfield TV Guide Interview posted an interview with Andy Whitfield, they asked Andy about working with Lucy.

"The sexy, violent gladiator series Spartacus: Blood and Sand smashed Starz viewing records when it premiered on January 22. Some of those eyeballs were no doubt focused on the buff, blue-eyed Aussie (by way of Wales) star Andy Whitfield. Whitfield paid a visit to the TV Guide Magazine offices to talk about playing the hero, going full Monty and getting in arena-fighting shape."

What's working with Lucy Lawless like?

She is just a scream, honestly. I just have so much admiration for her. She's brilliant at what she does. The scenes that I was in with her, pretty much, she was doing something horrible to me (Laughs). She hates Spartacus more than anything and views him as bad luck.

Click here to read the interview.

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7 February 2010

Lucy Anecdote In Josh Becker Podcast Interview

'Josh Becker of Xena and Hercules fame joins us to talk about his new book "Going Hollywood," his fun times with Bruce Campbell, and his lengthy motion picture career. Plus, the fellas discuss Edge of Darkness and The Book of Eli.'

The Lucy anecdote is about 41 minutes in.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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7 February 2010

Spartacus Episode 4 Preview Now Online

Starz posted the preview for Spartacus Episode 4.

Ep 104 'The Thing In The Pit' - Having performed shamefully in the arena against Crixus, Spartacus is forced to fight in the Pits. Batiatus, determined to profit from Spartacus, may be at risk if his debts aren't repaid. USA - 2010 - TVMA

Click here to see the preview.

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7 February 2010

Lucy Interview, Convention Blog on AE from Christie Keith

Christie Keith has been live-blogging from the convention, she now has her interview with Lucy online on her 15th annual Xena convention page alongside photos from KT Jorgensen.

Even after 15 years, Lawless is still happy to be at the convention. "Because I don't blog or Twitter or something, this is one way I can visit with my fans and say hi and thanks. These guys have been there for me, and I want to be there for them. And thank you at for being a part of it, too."

Click here to read the interview, see the photos from the day and catch up on convention events.

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6 February 2010

Lucy at 2010 Xena Convention - Photos


Here are some pictures of Lucy from her stage time at the 2010 Xena Convention at the LAX Marriot!

Lucy was her usual charming self and the fans responded as they do every year. The big surprise this year was the huge number of new fans! That's so great to see :)

Lucy performed with Renee a small play that was just hysterical! Those two are just so perfect together.

Here are some of Lucy's Pictures taken by me - lots more pictures will be posted in the coming days but this is a small sample! Enjoy!


Click here to view the entire 2010 Xena Con Gallery

Here here to see Lucy's photos



5 February 2010

Lucy Podcast Of Kramp & Adler Interview

You can now listen to Lucy's interview with Kramp & Adler on the show's website.

Click here and select Lucy's link on the right hand side of the window.

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3 February 2010

Lucy Interview Snippet In "More" Magazine


More Magazine (with the lovely Mariska Hargitay on the cover) has a brief interview with Lucy in their latest issue. 

Click here to see the image.

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3 February 2010

Coffee With Lucy & Andy WJZ Interview

lucyandywbjz.jpg A good interview with Lucy & Andy on the WJZ morning show.

From the website: "On Feb. 2, Marty and Don talked to Lucy Lawless and Andy Whitfield about "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," an original television series that airs on Starz."

Click here to see the video.

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2 February 2010


2 February 2010

Christie Keith's Upcoming Lucy Interview

Christie Keith has done some great interview with Lucy and Renee in the past, provided excellent coverage and live-blogs of the annual Xena conventions as well. 

From her Twitter - ChristieKeith: "Interviewing Lucy Lawless in half an hour. No matter how often I've interviewed her, she makes me more nervous than anyone else. /fangirl"

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1 February 2010

Lucy At The Extreme Measures Premiere

Flickr user 20Major posted photos of Lucy at the Extreme Measures premiere from New York.

Click here to see the photos.

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1 February 2010

Sign On Concert Photos On Flickr

Flickr user Oclaf has a handful of gorgeous photos of Lucy from the Sign On concert.

Click here to see the photos.

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1 February 2010

Spartacus Episode Video Promos With Lucy

Starz released a set of promos for the upcoming episode airing Friday, February 5. The top two videos feature Lucy.

coin.jpg Spend Coin to Receive Coin - Batiatus and Lucretia discuss finances and politics. - Click here to watch the video.

Let Them Fight - Spartacus Attacks Crixus. - Click here to watch the video.

No Easy Task - Crixus tries to court Naevia. - Click here to watch the video.

We Are Gladiators - Doctore Inspires the Men. - Click here to watch the video.

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