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April 2014 Archives

30 April 2014

Lucy Lawless NECA Simpsons Xena Packaging Scans + Video

xeekingxenaThe Simpsons NECA guest stars range now includes Lucy as she appeared on The Simpsons Season 11 episode “Desperately Xeeking Xena” which airred on 31 October 1999 in the Treehouse of Horror X.

The announcement of this “action figure” (not sure what to call it but let’s go with “action figure” back on 20 February 2014 =



Lucy Lawless

Manufacturer: NECA Toys
Series: The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Toys & Action Figures
Release Date: April 2014
For ages: 4 and up
Details (Description): The second series of 5" action figures debuts several new celebrities. All feature incredibly detailed sculpts with celebrity likenesses and are hand-painted. Each figure is poseable at the arms, waist and head, and comes with character-specific accessories. -

The action figure has been released and is now available on (only posts to the US) or if you can order from which sells to Australia and ships worldwide if you can’t find it in your neck of the woods.

Here are the scans (front and back of the packaging)





and here is the video clip from the show featuring Lucy!

Oops sorry you can see this? You need flash

and Lucy tweeted about this (Lucy has said in the past that this was one of the highlights of her career to be featured on The Simpsons)



28 April 2014

MaryD Art: Xena Season 3 - The Debt

Artwork from one of my favourite Xena episodes "The Debt"

Click on the thumbnail for the larger image.




25 April 2014

Video: Lucy Talks to Access Hollywood January 2010

Lucy was in the Access Hollywood studios to chat about her new show “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”

Date: 15 January 2010




24 April 2014

Upcoming Event: Auckland Writers Festival 18 May 2014 + Registration Details


The Auckland Writers Festival will be the next venue to see Lucy perform at. This is a free event (the actual festival isn’t free but they are putting on a free event where you can go to to see Lucy read letters from the book Letters of Note.

Date: 18 May 2014 at 2:30 pm
Location: Upper NZI Room, Aotea Centre, 50 Mayoral Drive Auckland, New Zealand

Register to Attend (free event): Registration Form


The following is from the Official Auckland Writers Festival site:

Actress and activist Lucy Lawless joins the luminous line-up taking part in this year’s Festival, reading letters written by the famous and brilliant from the book Letters of Note (, in a free event of the same name on Sunday May 18 at 2.30pm.

Writer, director and actor Fiona Samuel, multi-award-winning biographer Lucy Hughes Hallett (UK) and actor George Henare are also doing the honours.  As this is a FREE non-ticketed event, get there early to queue for a seat.

What is the Auckland Writers Festival?

The Festival brings the world to Auckland. Every year we stage over 100 public events, gathering together 150 of the world’s best writers and thinkers with over 10,000 festival goers and more than 3,000 young people to celebrate the world of books and ideas.

For the past 14 years the Festival has enriched the culture of our city and established itself as a major Australasian festival, characterised not only by the calibre of our guest authors but also by the enthusiasm and engagement of our audience and the warmth and welcome provided by Auckland as our setting.

The Festival brings the very best local and international writers of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, scientists, economists, poets, journalists and public intellectuals together with audiences to explore ideas, share stories and experience brilliant conversations. We celebrate curiosity and a sense of intellectual adventure and our programme is driven by the desire to spark ideas, to get us talking and to give us a time and place to engage with the world.



24 April 2014

NECA Simpsons 25th Anniversary - Lucy Lawless 5" Action Figure Series 2–Where To Buy


  • NECA Simpsons 25th Anniversary - Lucy Lawless 5" Action Figure Series 2

    Woo hoo! It's The Simpsons' 25th anniversary and the celebration begins with NECA's exclusive 25 Greatest Celebrity Guest Stars program! The second series of 5" action figures debuts 5 new celebrities. All feature incredibly detailed sculpts with celebrity likenesses and are hand-painted. Each figure is poseable at the arms, waist and head and comes with character-specific accessories.

Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight: 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

Click here to order (ships to the US Only) – via ($17.14 USD)


For Australian and other countries – you can order from PopCulture – based in Australia and they ship overseas

Price: $24.99 (AUD$)



23 April 2014

Karl Urban Talks About Xena and Working With Lucy

Karl (Caesar on Xena Warrior Princess) talks about working with Lucy and how she influenced him whilst they worked together. It’s an interesting video!




23 April 2014

New Xena Uber Wallpaper by Calli

New Xena Uber Wallpaper by Calli! Gorgeous

Click on the image for the full size version




19 April 2014

New Xena Art by MaryD - Season 1 Episode "Chariots of War"

New art by MaryD – Season 1 Chariots of War

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan




19 April 2014

Lucy On List of 50 Coolest Kiwis NZ Herald 19 April 2014

The following is from today's New Zealand Herald




17 April 2014

Lucy News and Photos From Starship Big Egg Hunt NZ Gala 16 April 2014

Last night (16 April 2014) Lucy performed at the Big Egg Hunt New Zealand Gala to benefit the Starship Foundation. It was a spectacular night where Starship raised over $160,000.

Lucy sang solo and with Colleen Davis (Colleen is an AMAZING singer/actress - she was with Lucy in the Auckland Theatre Company production of Chicago last November. Colleen played Mama Morton (and there will never be another Mama Morton like that!).

Below are photos that Lucy has tweeted of herself with Colleen and her friend Jason Smith.
In addition the NZ coffee shop "Cafe Melba" is auctioning off an autographed programme from the night. You can bid on it via facebook. Click here to bid on that

Interested in the Chicago Show? Check out my reviews



17 April 2014

Transcript of Lucy and Zoe at Melbourne Supanova

Emma Conlan, who posted the video clips of Lucy at the Melbourne Supanova Q&A, has sent me the link to the transcript of the 2nd Video. She will be doing the transcript for the first video as well on her site.

You can read the transcript here


Watch the video clip here



16 April 2014

Video: Lucy at Melbourne Supanova Q & A 12 April 2014

Here’s the video of Lucy and Zoe on stage together during their Q&A at Supanova on Saturday 12 April. Many thanks to Emma Conlan for the video. Emma says that transcripts of the video clips will be posted shortly on her site. You can also view a few photos on her site here





14 April 2014

Photos: Lucy at Supanova Melbourne Saturday + Autograph Line

Marion Miller has contributed her photos from Supanova Melbourne for the Saturday Q&A and also the Autograph Line








14 April 2014

Lucy Flirts with Leonardo Milne at Supanova Melbourne–Sydney Morning Herald 13 April 2014


Sydney Morning Herald
13 April 2014

Geekville has its own theory of relativity. On Saturday, Matthew Chaloupka-Wagner, 24, was walking around dressed as a video game console made from a cardboard box - his version of a character called BMO from the Adventure Time series.

Chaloupka-Wagner, wearing blue plastic gloves with white cotton inners to soak up the sweat, was hoping to meet the American voiceover actor who played Bender on the animation series Futurama. ''I liked it. It got better as it went along,'' he says.

What was the oddest thing he had seen so far that day? ''There was a guy dressed as a black stick figure, with a weird head, and he was holding a bell. I don't get that at all.''

Such is the social peculiarity of Supanova, the annual dress-up convention for fans of often niche TV series: the other guy is the weirdo.

Supanova, also running on Sunday at the Melbourne Showgrounds, is also a chance for the fans to meet their heroes, for a price. There was a steady line of people paying from $40-$70 to have their pictures taken with Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner, 2001: A Space Odyssey stars Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea, Peter Mayhew the wookie from Star Wars, The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker and Verne Troyer, also known as Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies.

Lucy Lawless - Xena: Warrior Princess - was the most expensive new best friend to be made: an autograph cost $70, while $100 bought a glamour-tinged selfie.

But a little flirtation for free had blossomed between Lawless and local lad Leonardo Milne, who was dressed as Toad from Super Mario Brothers.

''She and Leo were blowing raspberries at one another on Friday night … we kind of met her and had a chat,'' said Leo's dad Aaron, 22. Leo is eight months old.

His mother, Jamine, was dressed as a princess.

But this costumed family are serious devotees: Sunday will be their third day in a row at Supanova. ''Leo loves it,'' said Aaron.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald



13 April 2014

Video: SBS News Covers Supanova Melbourne and Lucy

SBS was at the Melbourne Supanova Event and they airred the following segment with Lucy.



12 April 2014

Photos: Lucy at Supanova Q & A by Marion Miller 11 April 2014

Marion Miller has contributed her photos she took of Lucy during her Q&A Session at the Melbourne Supanova event last night.

These photos will be added to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Supanova Melbourne Event Page shortly























12 April 2014

Press Release: BBC Four Announces New Acquisition The Code 11 April 2014

Image635328952544592560Apr 11, 2014 (Menafn - M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) --A new six part Australian thriller The Code has been acquired by Sue Deeks for BBC Four from DCD Rights. Produced by Playmaker, this new series reinforces BBC Four's reputation as the true home of international drama.

The Code is set in the spectacular Australian landscape and tells the story of two very different brothers who unearth information that those at the highest levels of political power will kill to keep secret.

Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor, BBC Four, says: "Following the success of The Bridge II and Salamander, both of which attracted audiences of over 1m an episode, I'm delighted to welcome another action-packed thriller to the channel, this time from the striking landscape of Australia - reinforcing BBC Four's reputation as the home of the best international drama."

Sue Deeks, BBC Head of Programme Acquisition, says: "The Code is an intelligent and compelling thriller with a top-notch cast in a spectacular landscape -- it has all of the ingredients that BBC Four viewers love."

The Code (6x60)

In the middle of the outback, a stolen 4WD collides with a transport truck. Two local kids in the car are badly hurt. Someone should have called for help, but they didn't. They didn't because they work for an international research project no-one talks about and their cargo is a prohibited substance.

The accident would have remained a mystery were it not for Ned (Dan Spielman) and Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman). Ned is a young internet journalist desperate for a break, and Jesse is his troubled younger brother whose obsession with hacking has got him into serious difficulties.

Ned and Jesse Banks are given a poisoned chalice when a phone video of the outback accident arrives in their in-box. Their decision to dig deeper drags the brothers into the darkest heart of politics, the web of black marketeers and the international agencies that monitor and manipulate them. Together, they suddenly become the unlikeliest crusaders for democracy.

The question is just how far those in authority will go to keep their explosive secret safe - and just how far the two brothers will go to reveal the truth.

Starring Lucy Lawless (Spartacus, Xena: Warrior Princess), Adam Garcia (Camp, Coyote Ugly, Hawthorne), David Wenham (Top Of The Lake, Better Man, 300), and Aden Young (I Frankenstein, Rectify, East West 101), The Code was created by Shelley Birse and written by Birse, Blake Ayshford and Justin Monjo.

It is directed by Shawn Seet (Lovechild, Mystery Of A Hansom Cab, SLiDE) and produced by Playmaker's David Maher, David Taylor and Shelley Birse.


The Code is an intelligent and compelling thriller with a top-notch cast in a spectacular landscape -- it has all of the ingredients that BBC Four viewers love."



11 April 2014

Lucy TV and Radio Interviews in Melbourne 11 April 2014

It’s been quite a day for Lucy in Melbourne for Supanova – she’s been doing the rounds of the radio stations and here’s a list of interviews!


11 April 2014 Aussie TV Daily Show with Lucy Lawless
Posted on: 12th April 2014

11 April 2014 Aussie TV Daily Show with Lucy Lawless

New Zealand’s warrior princess Lucy Lawless talks ‘Xena’ and the Supernova convention. Interview with Australian TV The Daily Show on Channel 7 Date: 11 April 2014


11 April 2014 Afternoons with Richard Stubbs Interview with Lucy
Posted on: 11th April 2014

11 April 2014 Afternoons with Richard Stubbs Interview with Lucy

Richard donned his best gear to welcome Lucy Lawless into the studio. Known for her work in Xena: Warrior Princess, Spartacus, Parks and Recreation and plenty more- she was delightful.


11 April 2014 Brig & Lehmo Interview with Lucy
Posted on: 11th April 2014

11 April 2014 Brig & Lehmo Interview with Lucy

Lucy Lawless aka Xena Warrior Princess is appearing at SupaNova (Australia’s premier pop culture expo)Â at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Lucy told us how her fans differ depending on which film or TV show they’re a fan of. We also asked her how she lost her Kiwi accent. Check out the video above.


11 April 2014 3AW Melbourne Interview with Lucy
Posted on: 11th April 2014

11 April 2014 3AW Melbourne Interview with Lucy

The New Zealander is in Melbourne for a Supanova Pop Culture Expo at the showgrounds this weekend, where fans can come face-to-face with some of their favourite superheroes. But Lawless said she had originally resisted these types of events. “I went to one in the States which was so chaotic I really did not enjoy [...]



11 April 2014

Video: Lucy Interviews Josh Mankiewicz 10 April 2014

Here's the much anticipated video where Lucy switched roles and became the interviewer.

snapshot_002Lucy Interviews Josh Mankiewicz 10 April 2014
Posted on: 11th April 2014

Lucy Interviews Josh Mankiewicz 10 April 2014
Lucy Lawless, of Xena: Warrior Princess fame, popped over to Josh's place on a quest to solve the Mystery of Mank.
NBC Date: 10 April 2014


and here's some Lucy tweets about the interview



10 April 2014

Confirmed: Lucy To Sing at Starship Big Egg Hunt Gala and Auction 16 April 2014

Lucy has announced she will be at the Starship Big Egg Hunt Gala and Auction

@RealLucyLawless: Love this Egg! Singing at Starship gala where it will be auctioned Weds night. - Source

Wednesday 16th April 2014
Level 3, Auckland Museum Event Centre
6:00pm Champagne and canapes followed by an 'eggsquisite' dinner and egg art auction.
Dress: colourful cocktail

$200pp or $2000 (incl GST) for a table of 10

Purchase tickets to this event.

All proceeds will raise vital funds for Starship Children's Hospital.



10 April 2014

Xena Defeats Breaking Bad To Win First Heroes Vs Villains Tournament

Here’s an update from AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Twitter about HitFix and their Heroes Vs Villains Tournament.

Xena won (of course)

Lucy followed this up with a shout out to Universal to pay attention that Xena was still alive and kicking.



8 April 2014

AUSXIP Starship Auction Lucy Thanks The Fans For Their Support

Lucy has gone on twitter to thank AUSXIP and the fans for raising just over $16,000 in our annual AUSXIP Starship Auction (21-27 March 2014).

It's always majorly cool to watch the support from all of you. So I'll add my thanks to those of Lucy's and say once again, THANK YOU.





8 April 2014

Still Looking Like A Warrior Princess! Lucy at Supanova Daily Mail UK 7 April

The Daily Mail had a great article about Lucy being at the Gold Coast Supanova with some great pics! Check it out!





8 April 2014

Lucy Thanks AUSXIP and the Fans for Raising $13K for Starship

Lucy tweeted her thanks to the fans for raising $13,000 for Starship during our AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction during 21-27 March 2014



7 April 2014

Photos and Video: Lucy at Gold Coast Supanova Update 2

There are so many photos from people on social media but here are some of the coolest photos plus a video clip!
Many thanks to those who shared their images.

Here’s a cool video from Kelly of Lucy doing her Xena Battle Cry at last weekend’s Supanova Expo on the Gold Coast



and some photos

Owly Images



7 April 2014

Lawless Praises Event, Laps Up Beach Lifestyle: Gold Coast Bulletin 7 April 2014

The Gold Coast Supanova Expo has ended (Lucy will be appearing at the Melbourne Supanova Expo next weekend). The following article is from the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper 07 April 2014


Scanned by: MaryD




5 April 2014

Video and Caps: Lucy on Channel 9 News About Supanova 5 April 2014

Channel 9 News (Queensland) covered Supanova today and they had a brief interview with Lucy. Here’s the video and some caps


Channel 9 News Interviews Lucy at QLD Supanova 05 April 2014
Posted on: 5th April 2014

Channel 9 News Interviews Lucy at QLD Supanova 05 April 2014

Interview with Lucy on Channel 9 (QLD) news at the
Gold Coast Supanova Expo Date: 05 April 2014

Click here to watch









5 April 2014

Photos: Lucy at Supanova Gold Coast on Friday

Here’s some photos from Friday’s Q&A with Lucy at the Gold Coast Supanova Events

Many thanks to those who attended and who uploaded their photos via their social media sites.



4 April 2014

Lucy Tweets About Supanova and Gorgeous New Photo!

Well Lucy’s sprung a surprise and has gone dark again – that should set the Xenites off on the Gold Coast. I like Lucy as a blonde but my favourite is the dark hair. There’s just something about the dark hair and blue eyes...

Check this out!



4 April 2014

Mini-Series “The Code” with Lucy Lawless Sold To Overseas Markets

Image635322014243006977Deadline is reporting that the Australian mini-series “The Code”, which stars Lucy as Alex Wisham, has been sold to UK’s DCD Rights which has sealed deals with DirecTV in the U.S., Sundance Channel, Latin America and Denmark’s DR.

The Code will be shown on Australian TV later this year on ABC1. You can find out more about Lucy’s role on The Code by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Code Subsite


Listen to Lucy’s interview about her role on The Code




CODE, a six-hour series for ABC TV. CODE is being billed as a ''contemporary thriller stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia's outback to the cool corridors of power''. It's the story of two very different brothers who come across a new technology that people in the highest echelons of power will kill to keep secret.


  • Lucy Lawless (Spartacus), 
  • Dan Spielman (An Accidental Soldier, Offspring), 
  • Ashley Zuckerman (The Slap, Rush), 
  • Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly, Bootmen), 
  • David Wenham (Answered by Fire, Killing Time), 
  • Aden Young (I Frankenstein, Rectify), 
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford (Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Underbelly: Razor), 
  • Adele Perovic (SLiDE), 
  • Dan Wyllie (Rake, Puberty Blues), 
  • Aaron Pedersen (Jack Irish, City Homicide), 
  • Paul Tassone (Underbelly).

You can find out more about Lucy’s role on The Code by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Code Subsite



3 April 2014

Aliens, Wizards and a Warrior Princess The Courier Mail 3 April 2014


Aliens, Wizards and a Warrior Princess
The Courier Mail 3 April 2014

Don’t be alarmed if you see aliens and wizards wandering the Gold Coast this weekend, it’s the pop culture convention that starts tomorrow at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Guests include Lucy “Xena” Lawless, Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew, and Verne “Mini Me” Troyer.

Photographs are priced at $100

Autographs are priced at $70 (at Supa-Star Signing Area)

The full Gold Coast programme is available: Gold Coast 2014 Event Programme


Friday – 4 April 2014

  • Seminar at 7.50pm, FilmInk Theatre,
  • Photo Ops at 8.50pm (A)

Saturday – 5 April 2014

  • Photo Ops at 10.30am (A), 1.35pm (A) & 5.00pm (A)

Sunday – 6 April 2014

  • Seminar at 1.00pm, FilmInk Theatre;
  • Photo Ops at 11.00am (A), 12.20pm (A) & 4.40pm (A)
- See more at: