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31 July 2018

Lucy Tweets About Her New Channel 10 My Life is Murder Series

Channel 10 (Australia) and Lucy have both tweeted about her upcoming series “My Life is Murder’



31 July 2018

Confirmed: Lucy To Star in New Aussie Series “My Life Is Murder”

The Australian site TV Tonight has confirmed that Lucy will be starring in a new Australian series called “My Life is Murder” on Channel 10. It will be filmed in Melbourne and commence production at the end of 2018.

Image636686601709055981Name of Show: My Life Is Murder

TV Station
: Channel 10 (Australia)

Lucy’s Role
: Alexa Crowe

Investigator Alexa Crowe, who cannot help fighting the good fight – whether it is solving murders or combatting the small frustrations of everyday life. Fearless and unapologetic, Alexa’s unique skills and insights into the darker quirks of human nature, allows her to provoke, comfort and push the right buttons as she unravels the truth behind the most baffling of crimes.

TEN Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Crimes that confound your average detective are more than an irritant for Alexa Crowe. She is not your average cop. Brilliant, insightful, and completely without filter, Alexa is that rare breed of television hero: She doesn’t give a damn how she solves the crime or who she offends in the process, as long as she gets it done.

“A star-turn for a great actress in Lucy Lawless, brilliant scripts from some of our best writers, and a cracking yarn each week. My Life is Murder will be one of the freshest new dramas on our screens next year.”


Screen Australia Head of Production, Sally Caplan, said: “This captivating female-led story made My Life Is Murder a highly attractive project for Screen Australia. It’s a coup for CJZ and Network TEN to have pop culture legend Lucy Lawless on board to star in her first Australian lead role. Lucy’s character is intriguing and I’m sure will appeal to Australian and international audiences.”

CJZ Head of Drama Development, Claire Tonkin, said: “With a fascinating and deeply irreverent investigator at its heart, developing this crime series has been the most fun you can have while plotting murder (of the fictional variety). We are thrilled to partner with Screen Australia and Network TEN – and what an absolute joy to be working with the brilliant Lucy Lawless to bring this fearless character to life.”

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3 July 2018

Lucy Lawless The Suffragette in Hot Words & Bold Retorts at Auckland Museum July 6 to October 31, 2018


Lucy Lawless The Suffragette in Hot Words & Bold Retorts at Auckland Museum July 6 to October 31, 2018

Wonder women: Gaylene Preston puts NZ's suffragettes on big screen

A new film brings to life the New Zealand suffrage campaign, writes Angela Barnett.

Gaylene Preston chose a haunted house as the location for her latest film, Hot Words & Bold Retorts, celebrating 125 years of suffrage. There's a ghost, who apparently still walks the rooms at night. "She didn't visit while we were filming," Preston says, "I imagine she'd probably be pretty stoked to have such a talented bunch in her house."

That talented bunch being Lucy Lawless, Miranda Harcourt, Chelsie Preston-Crayford and Jean Sergeant, all of whom embody the voices of real women who either voted in the 1893 elections or were part of the campaign.


Preston loves a moment when Lawless' character, Helen Wilson (1869-1957) says, "It was said that New Zealand women had the vote handed to them on a platter. Not true! There were a great many agitations and hot words and though there was no violence, there was some absurdity. They said women were too sentimental to listen to reason or always vote for the most handsome candidate." Preston quips, "which is of course terribly true, although I'm not sure what happened with Trump."


Lawless' character sums up Preston's sentiment, "The status of women badly wanted raising - they were not supposed to be able to handle money and property. "We are much more useful to the community than our grandmothers were."


Hot Words & Bold Retorts will screen daily every 15 minutes in the forthcoming exhibition Are We There Yet?, July 6-Oct 31, Special Exhibitions Hall, free with museum entry.

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3 July 2018

Why Xena: Warrior Princess Was A Ground Breaking Show - Den of Geek


Den of Geek has an indepth article on why Xena was a groundbreaking show (and we agree with them). I

Why Xena: Warrior Princess Was A Ground Breaking Show - Den of Geek

Xena: Warrior Princess, starring Lucy Lawless, was a breath of fresh air in the 90s sci-fi and fantasy TV landscape...

If you remember Xena: Warrior Princess, you probably remember it for a few things. The tiny, tight-fitting costumes worn by its lead characters. That circular spinny thing Xena threw at people (it’s called a chakram). Xena’s fabulous ululating war cry. The bizarre mish-mash of history the show threw together (though the producers knew their stuff, deep down – Rob Tapert later produced the rather more accurate Spartacus for STARZ).

What you might not remember, or might not know if you’re unfamiliar with the show, is just how important and ground-breaking Xena was when it first aired between 1995 and 2001.

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1 July 2018

Hollywood Reporter Rates Xena's Leather Bustier In "The Best TV Costumes From 1998 to 2008"

The Hollywood Reporter is going back a further to look at the origin stories for some of the most influential television costumes from the dawn of Peak TV, based on expert input. Below, we offer the best TV costumes from shows that ran during the decade from 1998 to 2008:



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