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    AUSXIP Lucy Lawless News and Multimedia: March 2021 Archives

March 2021 Archives

26 March 2021 Lucy Lawless and Intergenerational Climate Ambassadors

Image637523501904104310 Lucy Lawless and Intergenerational Climate Ambassadors
24 March 2021

Should Lucy Lawless ever get tired of being a famous TV actor, she’s already thought of her next career – ukulele entertainer to the elderly.

She’s tried her hand at this niche pursuit because, in 2012, she spent three days perched on top of an oil rig at Port Taranaki.

To explain how she got there, it helps to know that Lawless thinks famous people have a duty to use their fame to highlight causes that matter – “something that’s not talking about your freaking lipstick,” as she puts it.

Her involvement in the 2012 Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling certainly generated international headlines – and it got her convicted of trespass.

She served her 120 hours of community service in an old folks’ home, which, in her telling, was a beautiful experience.

“There’s still a lot of people there I go back and visit,” she says. “It was so lovely, and so, kind of... blessed.”

Lawless pauses often in conversation, picking the most accurate words. “They loved having someone come in and play them ukulele. And I had fascinating experiences with the effect music has on people with dementia, and even catatonic people.”

Did she talk to them about climate change? “No,” she says, in a very firm tone. “These people have dementia, they have all sorts of [problems]...” Another pause. “They’re so elderly that I think Greenpeace seemed really radical to them.”

“Whatever I'm doing is my new favourite thing. So, for a time there, I thought I should just give up [acting] and play balloon tennis and ukulele for the rest of my life.”

Lawless is part of a pressure group called the Intergenerational Climate Ambassadors, which features representatives of every decade of life, from teenagers to age 103.

She’s in the middle of the group – 52. She would have been 28 when the Kyoto Protocol was signed, yet, 24 years later, global emissions are rising.

For many years, she’s felt her generation has badly failed on climate. “I really have been frustrated by our inaction. Even though we were born in a time of science, and the science was clear, for really quite a long time, so few of us actually went out on a limb and stood up for the science and the truth.”

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20 March 2021

Video: Collider Interviews Lucy about Ultra Violent Animated Movie "Spine of Night"


Lucy Lawless has thrived in the sci-fi, fantasy and action genres for years now with a slew of standout titles to her name including Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus. But even with all that experience, her latest feature, The Spine of Night, still feels like a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind production that takes her craft into new territory.

The movie is an ultra-violent epic told through hand-drawn rotoscope animation. The tale spans eras highlighting those who come together to stop a sinister force wielding a devastating amount of dark magic. The Spine of Night does have an anthology feel to it, but there is one especially prominent character significantly contributing to both the heart and the framework of the film, and that’s Lawless as Tzod, a shamaness with experience harnessing such power who watches as it falls into the wrong hands.

Check out this episode of Collider Connected to hear all about how Whoopi Goldberg inspired Lawless at a young age, what it was like making her way from Hercules and the Amazon Women to Xena, committing to The Spine of Night and so much more!



10 March 2021

The Spine of Night at SWSW 2021 Festival

SXSW 2021: The 12 Most Anticipated Films and TV Shows at This Year’s Festival

SXSW will, once again, roll out in a virtual fashion, but this year boasts even more new work, an easy ticketing system, and a fresh platform. Plus: these dozen projects.


You can buy tickets for the festival ($325) here:


Image637509890825518309“The Spine of Night”

In the wake of Sundance hits “Flee” and “Cryptozoo,” grassroots 2-D animation may be on the verge of a comeback in the feature realm. Three’s a trend, and “The Spine of Night,” which premieres in SXSW’s midnight section, confirms this one on a roll: The zany-looking fantasy saga uses rotoscope technology to assemble an impressive ensemble cast that includes everyone from Richard E. Grant to Patton Oswalt, Lucy Lawless, and Betty Gabriel.

Reportedly inspired by both cult animator Ralph Bakshi’s work and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, the visually dazzling story revolves around a mystical plant that destroys the planet, as the man who uncovered its power lords over a broken world. The “ultra-violent” movie is said to include plenty of wild magical twists and grisly showdowns made all the more involving for the graphic nature of its storytelling. It’s exactly the kind of DIY technology and brazen artistry that SXSW loves to support. —EK


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9 March 2021

Minions 2 - The Rise of Gru Release Date Pushed Back to 2022



6 March 2021

Creation Reschedules Salute to Xena Convention for December 2021

The following is from Creation Entertainment and the Salute to Xena Convention (originally slated to be the 25th Anniversary convention). Creation has rescheduled the convention once again due to COVID.

NOW AVAILABLE! All admission passes, autographs, photo ops and more are back on sale for The Salute to Xena Convention in Los Angeles, being held on its new date December 3-5, 2021 at the same venue, the Hyatt Regency L.A. Airport Hotel!

Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor and many of the guests are confirmed to attend the new December 2021 date! We will keep the website updated as more confirm.


For full convention information, including appearance days and available tickets, please visit the website!

We notified ticketholders for Xena April 2021 Convention, via the email address used at the time of purchase, about the NEW DECEMBER 2021 DATE and that the deadline to request a refund was FEBRUARY 17, 2021.

If you did not request a refund by then, your admission passes and a la carte photo op and autograph purchases were transferred to the new date. You will receive new tickets for the December 2021 date as your April 2021 tickets will no longer be valid. If you requested a refund, and have not received it yet, please allow up to 8 weeks from the deadline date for your request to be processed. If you have any questions, please contact us at
We can’t wait to safely celebrate with our Xena family this holiday season!

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4 March 2021

TVNZ Press Release: Lucy Lawless Bringing My Life Is Murder Aotearoa To TVNZ


TVNZ Press Release
28 February 2021

Lucy Lawless is reprising her role as Alexa Crowe, a fiercely independent and brilliant Kiwi detective. This time Lucy and ‘Alexa’ are returning home, with My Life Is Murder, currently shooting in Auckland set to screen later this year on TVNZ 1.

The New Zealand spin-off (after a successful Melbourne-based series) features ten new episodic mysteries and will see Alexa continue to unravel the truth behind curious “unsolvable” cases, bringing her unique brand of investigation to an unsuspecting Auckland.

Joining Lucy in key lead roles for this series, are Rawiri Jobe (Shortland Street), as Harry, a detective determined to get justice. And, the return of ambitious and talented tech guru, Madison, played by Australia’s Ebony Vagulans (Doctor Doctor).

Joe Naufahu (Game of Thrones) also joins the cast as Reuben, a loveable café owner and the only person that can give Alexa advice on her sourdough – and live to tell the tale!

On coming back to Aotearoa to film this series, Lucy said: “I am in love with the city of my birth and I’m thrilled to be showing her off to the world as the stunning backdrop to our stories. We are joined by some of NZ’s finest acting talent, headed by Rawiri Jobe and Joe Naufahu. And I promise, there will be some knockout surprises coming in terms of casting. It’s been a tough 13 months, so let the good times roll!”

On Jobe’s new role, Executive Producer Claire Tokin says: “Lucy and Rawiri’s dynamic onscreen is fun and surprising. Viewers will love getting to know our charismatic new detective, who has a gift for finding the details in a case that will intrigue Alexa and convince her to investigate... even if he sometimes lives to regret it.”

“When Lucy said she thought Alexa would be keen to bake sourdough in Auckland, we leapt at the chance and were so pleased to get such enthusiastic support from TVNZ and our international partners to create this new series,” says Greenstone CEO, Rachel Antony. We’re looking forward to introducing audiences around the world to Alexa Crowe’s home-town and to showcasing more of the talents of NZ writers, crew and our terrific cast.”

Not to be outdone by human counterparts, Greenstone can also proudly announce that after a series of rigorous auditions, the successful feline cast as Alexa’s cat, Chowder, is ginger Maine Coon and friend to all, Zeppelin.

My Life Is Murder is a contemporary mystery drama with a compelling female lead who is passionate about two things: discovering the secrets and hidden agendas behind the most baffling of crimes and perfecting her sourdough. Mostly in that order.

More guest stars are soon to be announced.

My Life Is Murder is a Greenstone TV production for TVNZ, Acorn TV and DCD Rights in association with Network 10.

The Series Producer is Mark Beesley (Westside); Line Producer is Tara Landry (Brokenwood Mysteries); and Executive Producers are Lucy Lawless, Claire Tonkin, Rachel Antony and Tim Pye.

My Life Is Murder season 1 is available on TVNZ OnDemand.



3 March 2021

1998: Lesbians on the Loose and Xena at 1998 Mardi Gras

The following snipped appeared in the April 1998 (Vol 9 No. 4) issue of Lesbians on the Loose magazine (Australia)



Xena's hopes of appearing at Mardi Gras were dashed at the last minute when she missed her flight from Los Angeles. Lucy Lawless, the six foot tall Warrior Princess, whose TV show has a huge lesbian following, accepted an invitation from Mardi Gras to join guests at the VIP parade viewing area in Taylor Square.

"It was a private decision to come [to Mardi Gras]," says her Australian publicist. "She was paying her own fare. It was a statement she wanted to make."

Sadly, a delay in filming the cult show forced Lawless to miss out on the spectacle of 122 Marching Xenas