Calgary Herald

18 April 1997

Just call her Xena, Red Wing princess.

Lucy Lawless, the actor who portrays Xena, Warrior Princess, in the popular TV show of the same name, is a huge Detroit Red Wings' fan. Her publicist recently contacted the Red Wings' public relations staff, letting them know of Lawless's fondness for the Winged Wheel and indicated that any programs, media guides, or other souvenirs which could be sent her way would be appreciated.

The team assembled a package of paraphernalia and shipped it to Lawless. Shortly thereafter, the team received a hand-written letter from Lawless, expressing her heartfelt thanks for the gifts.  Lawless said she'd be thrilled to attend a Wings' game and even made a standing offer to come to Joe Louis Arena and sing the national anthem before a game.

Maybe she could give the team a few pointers on how to drive through  the opposition and win those one-on-one battles while she's at it.

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