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TV Week (Australia)

25 March 1997

Contributed and transcribed by Kim Farr

In this weeks TV Week there is an article about Lucy Lawless's birthday and an 'expert' in star signs lets us in on what Lucy can expect for the following year.

This is for those who have a remote interest in Star Signs and their meanings.

This weeks Astrologer Chris Turner pg 51 (March 29, 1997)


Lucy Lawless, who celebrates her birthday on Saturday, March 29th, is a double Aries, having both the sun and the moon in her sign. She has no signature and no planets whatsoever in air signs.

Here we have one of those extraordinary "coincidences" that pervade astrology. Aries is the sign of the warrior. Lucy, a double Arian, has become a star by playing a woman who lives out the male hero role in Xena: Warrior Princess.

In Xena, she is playing a larger than life portrayal of herself. This may make it difficult for her to avoid typecasting or prove herself as a serious actress. This is a very important time for Lucy, as she will have to make decisions which way she wants to go. Until now it has all fallen into place for her, and she has probably not thought much about where she goes from here. Over the next few months, she will have to.


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