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New Idea
(New Zealand)

13 November 1999

Lucy's Water Baby

Rumours ran hot about Lucy Lawless' home birth and New Idea has now learned that the
gorgeous star opted for an unconventional underwater birth

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New Zealand's very own princess Lucy Lawless sure knows how to make a splash. The tough-talking, leather-clad star of Xena: Warrior Princess gave birth to her little warrior prince Julius underwater. Lucy and her husband, Xena producer Rob Tapert, were at home in Auckland with a midwife when Julius was born in a 'pool of water', specially designed to make childbirth more comfortable.  Nothing is more natural for a baby

According to a US tabloid, Lucy wanted to have Julius as naturally as possible. 'Nothing is more natural than having him in water,' said the down-to-earth Kiwi star. 'The water temperature in the birthing pool is similar to a mother's body temperature. The baby is essentially floating in water for nine months so it's a smoother transition when they are born.'

Nothing of Lucy's huge acting success can compare to the magic of having another baby. The besotted couple is over their bouncing little : Even 11 year-old daughter Daily, Lucy's child from her first is excited about having a brother after all these years.

A close personal friend of Lucy's reveals: "It was something she really wanted and very much after she met and fell in love with Rob.'

The couple is incredibly happy together and having a gorgeous son makes life even better. Lucy, one of Hollywood's hottest stars, says of Rob: 'We have a great relationship and a great friendship because we're both- from the same Irish- Catholic culture. That's significant in our life partnership and we're very. very happy. We're totally supportive of each other, and of whatever stresses come with our jobs. We get peace of mind as partners.' Lucy's very public pregnancy was written into the hit show. but we are yet to find out who ' the father is. All will be revealed next year when the series returns to our screens. Proud parents Lucy and Rob are besotted with their new baby boy.


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