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Xena's Kidnap Terror

Globe Magazine

30 July 2002

Scanned by Roger

Lucy Lawless: I'll Make Sure That Nobody Comes Near My Kids...

XENA star Lucy Lawless is sharpening her broadsword. Stunned by the gunpoint kidnapping of a judge's infant daughter in her native New Zealand, Lawless is ready to defend her new baby and older kids with the fury of the warrior princess she plays on TV.

"It's a hideous thing to contemplate," the 5-foot-11 actress says about the snatching that sent a chill rippling through the island nation.

"And I will take every step I can to make sure that nobody comes near my children!"
The kidnapped baby was found safe after eight days, but Lawless remains vigilant in and around her Auckland mansion.

"I have always been aware of the potential for that to happen," she says. "It doesn't shock me that it happened here. I'm glad people now realize it is a possibility because we tend to think New Zealand is such a safe place and everyone here is cool."

The 34-year-old beauty, who recently helped raise $2.7 million to complete the heart unit at a children's hospital, gave birth to son Judah two months ago. Lawless and her American husband, Rob Tapert, also have a 2-year-old son, Julius, and on weekends they take care of Daisy, 14, her daughter with former hubby Garth Lawless.
Ironically, Tapert, 44, a former Xena producer, says the couple moved to New Zealand after tying the knot four years ago because they thought Los Angeles was a lousy place to raise kids.

"L.A. is not a great environment for children," he insists. But Lawless adds, "Mental illness and greed are ^ everywhere."