The Lucy Lawless Files - Articles - 2004 Magazines

Celebrity Skin Magazine
Issue #130
Girls of Summer Issue
Scans by Ann

*I have chosen not to post two of the pics in the article because of the nudity
(from episodes FIN - Xena's robe removed by the evil Yodoshi &
Many Happy Returns - Gab and Xena about to jump into the pond*



Born: March 29, 1968, New Zealand

Sexy Sightings: The term "broadsword" forever took on a new meaning with the debut of the syndicated TV sensation Xena: Warrior Princess (1995, this page). As the towering titular titan, Lucy leapt to instant fame, swinging heavy metal and wearing very little as she battled medieval baddies alongside her cutie-pie constant companion, played by petite pixie Renee O'Connor.

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