Lucy Lawless - Warrior Women Series

Discovery to focus on 'Warrior Women' next year Team

(25 October 2004 5:00 pm)

MUMBAI: Women who take the battlefield like their male counterparts! That is the subject of the five part series Warrior Women that Discovery India recently acquired from October Films at Mipcom.

The show will air next year..

The one hour films tell the stories of women in war. The programme is narrated by Lucy Lawless who viewers will remember from Xena Warrior Princess..

One episode examines the myth of a real warrior woman 16th Century pirate sea queen Grainne Mhaol. Another figure that will be featured is Joan of Arc.

The show will have the sort of "re-enactment" that involves men falling off horses and girls wading barefoot through surf. It has been filmed in several countries including Europe, China, Ireland, Mexico and UK.


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