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15 September 2004

The Lesbian Romance Collection.(Video Recording Review)

The Lesbian Romance Collection includes five films. British director Michael Winterbottom's Buttery Kiss is a dark story of unlikely lovers on a murderous spree through the underbelly of Britain. Cheryl Dunye's The Watermelon Woman is a charming story of a would-be black filmmaker searching in the video shop where she works for material on an obscure black actress.

The shorts are both from Lucy Lawless's days as a New Zealand ingenue: Christine Parker's Peach is a moment in the life of a sexy tow truck driver attracted to a Maori woman, while A Bitter Song by Athina Tsoulis is a realistic tale of Greek immigrants to New Zealand. The finest part of the set is the documentary Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film (LJ 6/15/98), directed by Marc Mauceri, though it is not mentioned on the distributor's web site as part of the set and seems like an afterthought. It is unfortunate that the two shorts featuring international lesbian Lawless are being featured to sell three films that can easily stand on their own.

One hopes the Xena fans will bite and have their horizons broadened. The quality of both picture and sound is good, the packaging is lacking. The Lesbian Romance Collection is recommended for libraries with women's, gender, and gay/lesbian studies collections.--Lisa N. Johnston, Sweet Briar Coll., VA

The Lesbian Romance Collection. 3 vols. color. First Run Features, 153 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014; 800-488-6652; 212-243-0600; 2004. DVD $59.95. Includes: Peach & A Bitter Song. 98 min. + Lavender Limelight; Butterfly Kiss. 90 min; The Watermelon Woman. 95 min. GENDER STUDIES

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