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Sunday Star Times
(New Zealand)

17 October 2004

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A Quick bite of Kiwiana for Lucy

LUCY LAWLESS was clear about which local delicacy she needed to boost her flagging energy.

"I want a burger with beetroot and egg" she said, eyeing the menu in Brucie's Diner in downtown Auckland yesterday. [Beetroot (beet) is a common addition to burgers down under - MaryD]

"They just don't know how to do it in the [the States]."

The glamorous Kiwi actress took the concept of a flying visit to the eClick to enlargextreme this weekend, returning home from her Hollywood base for a 30-hour stopover to host the Starship Charity Ball.

The former Warrior Princess was travelling light, arriving sans luggage and husband Rob Tapert at Auckland Airport at 6 am yesterday before dropping in on 16 year old daughter Daisy.

At 9:30 am, mother and daughter visited clothing store Saks were Lawless tried on gowns, eventually settling on a Hugo Boss Woman number.

She spent the rest of the morning shopping with her daughter, and met ball co-host Simon Dallow in the afternoon for a run-through on the night's proceedings.

A long-standing supporter of the children's hospital, Lawless is now based in Los Angeles, where she is working on pitching a comedy series.

She said despite the whirlwind schedule she had no hestitation about returning for the event. "It's only a few hours out of my life," she said. "If all I do is sit on a plane and come back for a bit of a knees-up, it's not too much to ask."

Organisers of the $195-a-head, Kiwiana-themed ball hoped to raise $100,00 to expand the NZ TelePaediatric Service, a video-conferencing network which links medical professionals to allow them to treat patients all over the country. About 400 people attended.



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