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The Telegraph
(Calcutta India)
1 November 2004

What do Joan of Arc, Boudica, Grace O'Malley and Lozen have in common? Grit, determination and the will to achieve their ends. These iron women will be tied by the same screen thread this November with Discovery Channel launching Dangerman, Warrior Women. The series will be appropriately presented by Lucy Lawless, star of the hit TV series Xena: The Warrior Princess.

Dangerman, Warrior Women, to be beamed every Wednesday at 10 pm, uncovers the truth behind history's most charismatic female warriors in a heady mix of historical sleuthing and provocative reconstruction. Shot on location in France, Ireland, Britain, China and the United States, the show promises to give viewers a glimpse of history with attitude.

First up, on November 3, is Joan of Arc, the 19-year-old who led the French to victory over the English, only to die at the stake.

Next Wednesday it's Grace O'Malley, the Irish pirate princess who mastered sail and sword and won kudos from Queen Elizabeth I.

On November 17, the focus is on Lozen the Apache Warrior, a woman with multiple talents of a prophet, warrior, healer and a midwife. The last Wednesday of the month recounts the tale of Boudica, the red-headed queen who brought the Roman Empire in Britain to its knees.

Spanning almost 2,000 years, the series documents the lives of each of these iconic heroines and celebrates the popular mythology surrounding them. The show also has Lucy Lawless chatting up historians to unearth the real
stories of these warrior women.


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