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Lucy Lawless on BSG

Crave Online

3 September 2005

Lucy Lawless on BSGWhile shooting a TV movie in New Orleans Lucy Lawless decided that with the storm approaching it was time to get out of town. The actress traveled 9 hours to Baton Rouge where she stayed with a crew member’s family. The actress formerly known as Xena, worries about those who decided to ride the storm out as she initially did.

Lucy Lawless is a talented actress who has worked in film, stage and TV. The New Zealander and mother of three is currently working on the TV movie Vampire Bats. In the film she reprises her role of Dr. Maddy Rierdon whom she first played the film Locusts.

Lucy is also appearing in the Sci-Fi show Battlestar Galactica as a reporter investigating a civilian shooting by the marines. Recently we talked to Lucy about the appearing on Galactica and her other work.

Crave Online: After turning down the role of Ellen Tigh, what attracted you to the roll of D'anna Biers?

Lucy Lawless: It was a very interesting roll, a hit show and working with David (Eick, a co-producer on Hercules). I was thrilled to work with the director (Robert M. Young, director of the 1993 documentary Children of Fate) who turned out to be a hero of mine.

Crave Online: How did you like returning to the stage in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and will there be more stage rolls?

Lucy Lawless: I have got to tell you, that was the most fun I’ve had in 20 years at work. I actually felt like, oh boy I forgot this was my dream. Before I got off in to television and film, this was my dream. I would love to get back on stage, it would just have to be the right project.

Crave Online: Are you planning any more sitcom appearances?

Lucy Lawless: I’d actually like to, that’s kind of where I started out in my career. What most people most seem to want me in is, single lead 1 hour drama, which is why you have not seen me in the last few years that much. Having a very young family, it’s just not an option to live that lifestyle.

Lucy also mentioned that she’s probably a lot healthier now than when she was doing Xena. During that time she says she carried about 10 extra lbs of muscle on her. Since the ownership of the Xena character is limbo (there may be more than one owner, including her) there has been no progress on a film version. Lucy is very interested in doing a film version of Xena and would be unhappy if anyone else played the roll.

Regarding Battlestar Galactica, Lucy said that the show was a lot of fun and she would like to reprise her roll. Lucy used her “kiwi” accent to give her character a tabloid feel. In the episode she uses a mini cam to film interviews with the crew the footage however will probably be unused. The episode “Final Cut” will appear September 9th on the Sci-Fi channel.

Source: Crave Online