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Soap Opera Weekly
13 September 2005

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Get the picture: Lawless flirts with romantic scandal.

President Roslin invites a journalist to do some behind-the-scenes reporting, but the bid to humanize the military backfires Sept. 9 on Battlestar Galactica.

"It's a really interesting and juicy role," previews Lucy Lawless (formerly the star of Xena), who plays Fleet News Service reporter D'Anna Friel. "She comes in and causes tension for all the other characters."

Roslin and Cmdr. Adama hope allowing a journalist unfettered access for a documentary about the stress of military life aboard Galactica might help calm growing civilian unrest in the fleet, but their choice of messenger is...unfortunate.
"She's effortlessly intimidating." remarks Lawless. "She's got jewelry and fashion sense in this world where nobody has anything, and she doesn't apologize for anything. I worked with the costume designer to help build the character. I wanted her to be visually annoying to the point that even if you never talk to her, even if she isn't there to expose you and ruin your life, she would irritate you."

With her cameraman in tow, D'Anna interviews stressed-out pilots and crew, and stumbles onto some explosive secrets that could tear the fleet apart.

In the midst of all this, D'Anna manages to flirt with a scandal of her own. "She develops the hots for Adama,' which might not have been the hardest thing for Lawless to play. "People may not know this, but Eddie (James Olmos, who plays Adama) gives a great shoulder rub. I thought it was interesting that she wants to schtup the alpha male," laughs Lawless, who confirms she is in talks with producers about making D'Anna a recurring role.

Battlestar Galactica airs Fridays at 10 p.m. EDT on the Sci Fi Channel.

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