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Reach For the Battlestars

Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine #6

August / September 2006

Lucy Talks About Her Role on BSG and Season 3

Transcript contributed by The Merovingian / Scanned by Roger


"David Eick and I had discussed ages before [Final Cut] whether I would want to continue playing D'anna.  I said we should see how it goes.  If we loved one another and if it worked for the whole show, then we'd talk about it.  You can't know that until you see the final product.  And it worked out that I thought it would be a good role - I had a really good time. 

So David Eick rang me and asked me if I wanted to join the cast for a spell.  I admit, I took a leap of faith in signing on.  I knew, or thought I knew, where we were going with the character of D'anna, but by now the early premise has completely morphed in the crucible of Ron [Moore]'s brain!  I'm lookiing to play a fun, juicy role a short time and [then I'll] be on my way.  I enjoy having a variety of roles over the course of the year. 

The fact that they'll accommodate me is really exciting.  I have no idea what they're planning [for D'anna].  God only knows how it's going to play out!  I only know that if my role is wallpaper, David Eick and I will never speak again, *pitooey*!  Dead to me.  Dead.  No pressure, Dave!  David [Eick] and Ron [Moore] really know the show is special, and they set such a great tone.  Their passion for their subject matter and the unverse they created is really catchy and very penetrating.  They have no limits in terms of what they believe in and what they can do with their roles. 

And Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos are really awesome, because they're not just in it for their egos.  They enjoy this really creative world that they get to play in.  They believe in it.  It's good for actors to work with people who have humility and drive and love for what they do.  I think Xena is one of the ultimate roles for women:  she had a lot of baggage and these base insincts.  You wanted to watch her because you weren't sure if she would take the high road or the low road in any given issue. 

The interesting thing about this role is that I get to do the reverse.  The challenge is to make the character multidimensional so you want to watch her every week.  I want [D'anna] to be a genuinely menacing, psychiatrically hostile character.  You've got to recognize it's not good enough for her to be a Cylon.  I want her to be as human and scary as possible.  In the fact that she's not a human, she's got to be real.  I've been reading a number of books on psychology and religious issues in the last few years, and I want her to be grounded in something real."