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The Cylons Are Back!

 Battlestar Galactica's Randy Robots download exclusive scoop
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TV Guide

2 October 2006

Scans Contributed by LB

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1. D'Anna (LUCY LAWLESS) The self-appointed ringleader of the Cylons—who are battling for control over the human resistance fighters—is in for a rough go this season when she threatens her group's unity. "I think of D'Anna as the malevolent mother," says Lawless, who will appear in 10 episodes. "She's the kind of woman who loves to screw with her children's minds. She even scares me!"

2 Brother Cavil (dean stockwell) This season, one Cavil will cruelly interrogate Tigh (Michael Hogan), just as another is having sex with Tigh's wife, Ellen (Kate Vernon). "Cavil will be instrumental in setting up a human police force that isn't what it seems," says exec producer David Eick. "He's the Heinrich Himmler of the Cylons."

3 Sharon (GRACE PARK) The most conflicted of the Cylons, Sharon is still trusted by Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos). He'll even make her an officer, which may backfire. She thinks her half-human, half-Cylon baby died last season when, in fact, the child was stolen and hidden by the humans. "Trust me," says Park, "when Sharon finds out her baby is alive, some s— is gonna go down!"

4 Simon (RICK WORTHY) He was the Cylon doctor who researched human reproduction—until he got a shard in the jugular from his guinea pig, Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff). "Now Simon will be part of a Cylon round-table council that becomes very intense and political," Worthy says. "There's a terrific scene where we force President Baltar James Callis] to sign a document or die. It's extreme."

5 Six (TRICIA HELFER) After snapping a baby's neck in the Galactica miniseries, this platinum bombshell seemed the most dangerous of Cylons—or is she? "We'll see her siding with the Cylons on some issues and with the humans on others," Heifer says. "She doesn't quite know which way to go." This 'bot might even have a heart: When Baltar is held hostage and tortured, Six will take pity and mentally "pleasure" him to ease his pain. In fact, nudity and free love are rampant on the Cylon base ship. "We reveal a very sensual, libertine permissiveness among the Cylons," says exec producer Ron Moore. There's even a rumor that we'll see some three-way Cylon sex. "Oh, that's way more than a rumor," Moore promises.

6 Doral (MATTHEW BENNETT) Never trust a flack. Doral was first seen aboard Galactica as a chipper PR exec before his true Cylon nature was revealed. "He seems to be the reasonable Cylon, but when we get into the new season he's anything but," Eick says. "A key character will suffer a debilitating injury and we find out Doral inflicted it. He's definitely one of the heavies."

7 Leoben(CALLUM KEITH RENNIE) The first human-looking Cylon to be discovered, Leoben was searching for Starbuck last season and now we know why: "He's in love with her and tries to win her over by taking her hostage,"
Rennie says. "It's his own kind of creative love." Leoben sets up the feisty flygirl in an apartment, which she turns into home-sweet-homicide. "Leoben dies...a lot," Rennie reports. "But like a cockroach, you can't get rid of him."