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Gone But Not Forgotten

OnFilm Magazine
(New Zealand)

March 2007

 "Gone But Not Forgotten," in which several of Kevin's colleagues--Michael Hurst, Joel Tobeck, Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Oliver Driver, Zoe Bell--write about him on the fifth anniversary of his death. 

Lucy writes:

"I think of Kev often, I remember his sage words about singing:  Sometimes you are so good and it's so easy, it's not real . . . just a trick.

He never appeared to take himself too seriously, though I think deep down he knew he was capable of far greater achievements than publicly known.  His friends and colleagues knew it and we were shocked when his life was cut short.  I feel he was recalled from active duty somehow.

I hope his sons will always feel their dad's presence in their life and Sue will always feel his support.  Boy, it can't be easy.

The Kevin Smith Trust is a way that Kevin's friends and fans can express to his family how much he gave to them.  We are really proud and grateful to all those who have contributed over the years.

Good work, Kev.

-Lucy Lawless

Onset Industries, which produces work clothing for the NZ film industry, is offering a Lion Park t-shirt for sale with proceeds going to the Kevin Smith Trust.  Beneath the Lion Park logo it says:

"1963 - Kevin Smith - 2002

A Father an Actor and a Friend"

Lion Park was used for much of the location shooting on Hercules and Xena.

The t-shirt is for sale on the Onset Industries website, 

Michael Hurst's tribute to Kevin can be read on, along with a picture of Michael wearing the shirt (the picture is also on the Onset Industries site).
many thanks to Sue for the news