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Battlestar Galactica Kills Off Lucy Lawless

TV Guide

29 January 2007

Article Scan contributed by Roger
Transcript by MaryD

She had it coming. Battlestar Galactica's D'Anna Biers, the bossy, rule-busting Cylon played by Lucy Lawless, was terminated at the end of the January 21 episode. But the deed wasn't done by her human enemies—it was by her fellow Cylons.

"D'Anna shattered their peaceful little lives," Lawless says. "By discovering that knowledge is power, she had become their Saddam Hussein, and they wanted her out of the way." D'Anna, who had defied the Cylon collective with her messianic convictions, believed that she could make a personal connection with God by repeatedly allowing herself to be killed and resurrected. Her quest took her far: She was ultimately able to look into the faces of the final five Cylon models that no one else on the show—or in the audience—has yet to see.

Galactica groupies will no doubt miss D'Anna (and those three-way sex scenes!), but her look of joyful recognition when she saw the Fab Five will have them buzzing big-time. Plus, her demise was pretty cool: She and hundreds of other D'Annas were "boxed"—folded into a single container the size of an iPod Nano and put into permanent cold storage.

Lawless is just fine with that. After placing second on Fox's Celebrity Duets in September, she's now focusing on a music career and recently played L.A.'s historic rock palace the Roxy. "People warned me not to do Duets," she says. "But that show put a fire in my belly." —Michael Logan

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