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July 23-Aug 5, 2007

Scan contributed by Pat


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Sci Fi Channel, returns 2008) BSG's fourth and final season won't air until next year, but in November die-hard fans will be treated to Battlestar Galactica: Razor. The two-hour stand-alone episode— think "300" in deep space—focuses on the killing-machine marines (known as "razors") who man Galactica's sister ship Pegasus under the command of bitch-goddess Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes).

If s a flashback story—Cain met her demise in Season 2, Pegasus in Season 3— but it will "deliver information fans will want before watching Season 4," says executive producer Ron Moore, Before the series wraps, D'Anna, the exterminated Cylon played by Lucy Lawless, will return. And, warns Moore, "we'll be losing cast members in some nasty ways as we push along in the search for Earth." But will our human heroes really find it? Notes Moore cagily: "They're going to find something we're calling Earth." —Michael Logan