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Lucy Lawless from armour-clad amazon to mic-wielding songstress

G3 Magazine

May 2008

Scanned by Sue

She captured our hearts as a swashbuckling warrior princess and now she’s taking to the stage. g3’s Charlotte Dingle talks to the irrepressible Lucy Lawless to find out about life after Xena. It’s been seven years since audiences last tuned in to the adventures of Xena and her special friend Gabrielle as they went on their eventful odyssey through space and time. Despite this, the fans remain as ardent as ever, and Lawless is in London this month as the guest of honour at a Xena: Warrior Princess convention.

The actress seems enthusiastic at the prospect of another chance to interact with her fans. “Really, I’m going along to thank those fans just for being so incredible” she says. “They’re not so much about re-living the show as honouring the spirit of the show, which is very much about helping out the underdog, and being your own champion.” Asked about the considerable amount of lesbian interest that Xena’s ambiguous relationship with Gabrielle seemed to provoke, Lucy exclaims “I pity anyone who doesn’t have a lesbian fanbase! They’re the most loyal fans in the world.” The Xena convention is not, however, the main reason for Lucy’s planned trip to London.

After appearing on Celebrity Duets, Lucy decided the time was ripe to pursue a long-harboured dream and embark on a singing career. She is coming to England to play two concerts at the Carling Academy on the 3 and 4 May. “It was scary, the idea that I could try something and fail in front of millions of American viewers” says Lucy. “But it was the thought of being 80 years old and never having pursued the singing thing that made me do it. I just knew I’d be really cross with myself in years to come if I chickened out.” The concerts will involve Lucy performing covers of a range of songs that have inspired her over the years. She describes the show as being “the soundtrack of my life. I’ll be doing songs like Losing My Religion by REM and Broken English by Marianne Faithful”, she says, “I feel these songs reflect the real disillusionment with authority going on at the moment, and the changing attitude we’re seeing towards politicians and religion in America.”

There will also light-hearted side to the show, however. Lucy tells Charlotte “I also wanna do some fun, stupid stuff – for instance, I will be singing I Touch Myself by The Divinyls!” The ex- warrior princess is also currently working on the film Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. “The movie will be out at Christmas” she tells Charlotte, “And I’m playing Guy Pearce’s very wicked, very twisted girlfriend in it. I’m going to be his ally against poor old Adam Sandler!” Asked about her repeated appearance in ‘bad girl’ roles, the actress laughs and says “Yeah, a lot of bad girls! Bad girls with a heart, bad girls with no soul… I love to be bad!”

As if that weren’t enough, the actresscome- singer is also a trustee on the fundraising board of a children’s hospital in New Zealand, commonly known as the Starship Foundation. “They’re an amazing bunch” she says, “I wanted to give something back after having my broken arms fixed when I was a kid and fell off skateboards and out of trees and stuff!” “Anyway, I’m longing to come to London” she concludes, “And say hi to new and old friends.”

London is undoubtedly home to a great number of women who await her trip with the same level of anticipation. The Xena: Warrior Princess convention and Lucy Lawless conference at Hilton Metropole Hotel, London. 2-4 May. Tickets: premium seating £96.50 /general tickets £42.21. For more information: