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Sunday News
23 November 2008


Flawless Lawless

KICKASS Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless is set to fulfil one of her acting fantasies.

The stunning 40-year-old has just finished filming a cameo role on CSI: Miami, one of the world's biggest television series.

Starring opposite Hollywood veteran David Caruso, she plays a madame who's connected to a murder. And she revealed she was delighted to be given the chance to play a hooker in such a high-profile show.

"I got a call from the producers," she explained.

"I wanted to give it a go, I haven't played a madame before.

"David was extremely helpful, he knows the show, its tone and approach."

Her castmates say our Lucy was unbelievably gorgeous.

"I walked into the make-up room looking for her and then saw a woman who looked 20," revealed a source.

"I thought `Surely that couldn't be Lucy.' She was really beautiful."

Lucy, who shot to fame as Xena, recently revealed she'd love to reprise her role as a Warrior Princess in the fantasy series.

"It'll have to happen fairly soon," she said. "If it takes much longer, they'll cast some 29-year-old in the role and ask me to play the mother."