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Here's Lucy!

TV Guide
10 - 16 November 2008

Scanned by LB

Horatio's investigation into a bizarre crime at a hotel leads him right to ... Lucy Lawless? The Battlastar Galactica Cylon and one time Xena: Warrior Princess stars guests as a madam who becomes a murder suspect when a man is found stabbed and handcuffed in his room. Kinky! - Josephn Hudak

You're playing a madam?
Oh yeah. These days I play hookers and cops and everything in between. (She's) embroiled in a murder case and may turn out to be u to her neck in a very unpleasant serial mufer. I like to play people who are morally imperiled. I'm very drawn to that. In fact, the more degenerate the better.

Are you a CSI fan?
I am a real-life crime fanatic. I TIVO everything on TruTV...I'm a bit of a loony for that sort of thing. I'm really interested in what seemingly ordinary human beings are capable of.

Could you ever be enticed to don the Xena Costume again?
Yeah, but it's have to happen fairly soon. If it {takes} much longer, they'll cast some 20 year old in the role and ask me to play the mother. I'd tell them to go to hell. Or worse, I'd do it!