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Date: 25 July 2005
Source: Blog

Contributor: Barbara

An unofficial awards show following the official one awarded prizes to critics voted most intimidating, best company at an
open bar and purveyor of the most TV knowledge, among other categories, at which Cherry was enlisted to be a presenter, alongside such celebrity presenters as Lucy Lawless ("Xena") and Leslie Hope ("24").



Date: 24 July 2005
Source: WebBlog

Contributor: Barbara

Xena sighting 7/24/05 12:53:41 PM

Hey! Lucy Lawless can still do that Xena, Warrior Princess battle cry.  A friend to many critics, Lawless was a guest at the 21st Annual Television Critics Association's Awards Show on Saturday night.

She wasn't up for anything. She just likes to hang with this jaded group.  At the poolside party after the awards show, she took part in the Bad Critic Theater, an unofficial skit during which some critics do a dramatic (or tragically comic) reading of a transcript of a news conference that we suffered through.

The transcript selected this year was PBS's "Pioneers of Comedy" in which old timers like Red Buttons and Mickey Rooney really hammed it up for us.

Lawless, who is now a blonde, starred in CBS's sci-fi thriller movie, "Locusts," last season.

It was a ratings success so she is coming back next season as the same character battling "Vampire Bats" in another CBS movie scheduled for Halloween weekend.






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