Lucy Lawless - Battlestar Galactica - Season 2 Episode 8 Final Cut

Lucy Lawless Battlestar Galactica


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Lucy Lawless - Battlestar Galactica
Role: D'anna Biers, Colonial Reporter

Season 2 - Episode 8
Final Cut

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Original Air Date: 9 September 2005

After a team of marines fire into a crowd of civilian protesters, a reporter (Lawless) is invited aboard Galactica to document the stressful reality of military life during wartime.

Criticism of the military reaches fever pitch when a team of Galactica's marines led by Lt. Palladino (Jeremy Guilbaut) open fire on civilian protesters aboard Gideon, a sister ship. Col. Tigh (Michael Hogan), commanding officer during an incident that leaves four dead and 12 wounded, receives a death threat, then almost falls victim to an act of sabotage. Intent on improving relations between the civilian fleet and the military, President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Captain Adama (Edward James Olmos) offer Fleet News Service reporter D'Anna Friel
(Lucy Lawless) unlimited access to Galactica. With her cameraman in tow, D'Anna interviews a series of stressed-out pilots, crew and officers. Urged on by Number Six (Tricia Helfer), Gaius Baltar (James Callis) hopes to gain the reporter's support in his political ambitions.

D'Anna stumbles on one of Galactica's explosive secrets when she encounters the Cylon Sharon (Grace Park), whose unborn child is saved by the quick actions of Dr. Cottle (Donnelly Rhodes) following a threatened miscarriage. When Louanne 'Kat' Katraine (Luciano Carro), wired on stimulants, crash lands her Viper, D'Anna must decide whether she'll deliver her intended hatchet job or a balanced portrait of life aboard Galactica.

The arrival of two Cylon attack ships clarifies her thinking, as does a potentially deadly ambush that puts Tigh in the gunsights of his would-be assassin.

"Final Cut" was written by Mark Verheiden and directed by Robert Young.


Edward James OlmosCommander William "Husker" Adama
Mary McDonnell President Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffLt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace
Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama Jamie Bamber
James CallisDoctor/Vice President Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferNumber Six
Grace ParkBSG Cylon Sharon
 Caprica Cylon Sharon
Lucy Lawless D'anna Biers
Aaron Douglas Officer Galen Tyrol
Paul CampbellChief Petty Billy Keikeya
Richard HatchTom Zarek
Michael HoganCol. Saul Tigh
Alessandro JulianiLt. Gaeta
Kandyse McClurePetty Officer 2nd Dualla
Tahmoh PenikettLt. Karl 'Helo' Agatho

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