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9 September 2004 Hollywood Variety Magazine had a brief mention of Boogeyman
Screen Gems' coming attractions include the horror sequel "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"; "Cave," starring Cole Hauser, Chestnut and Piper Perabo; the Sam Raimi-produced "Boogeyman," a follow-up to the slick monster picture "Underworld....



12 June 2004

The release date for Boogeyman (in the US) is 4 February 2005 according to Fangoria Magazine
Screen Gems has set a release date of February 4, 2005 for BOOGEYMAN, the first movie to roll for Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures. Stephen T. (GET CARTER) Kay directed the film, about a young man (7TH HEAVEN’s Barry Watson) who believes that the titular phantom devoured his father 16 years ago, and returns to his hometown to confront the creature as an adult. (See Fango #234, currently on sale, for Raimi’s comments about the project.) The movie, which co-stars Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless, was lensed (in New Zealand) before Ghost House’s THE GRUDGE, but that Takashi Shimizu film will open first (October 29 from Columbia).
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24 April 2004 has a review of Boogeman at an early screening of the movie.  Release of the movie is scheduled for August 2004 (tentative date)
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5 December 2003

The release date for Boogeyman in the US is September 2004.

21 November 2003 The following is from The Herald Sun interview with Lucy

Then, mid-year, a project of her husband's drew Lawless back to Auckland. Tapert and his friend, Spider-Man Producer Sam Raimi, had founded a film production company to specifically produce horror movies. To save money, their first production, Boogeyman, starring 7th Heaven's Barry Watson, would be filmed in New Zealand.

Lawless came on board to play mum to Watson's character: "the drag-addled mother who gave up custody of her son and set him up for a lifetime of psychosis and bitterness".

"That was attractive to me," she says, "to play the antithesis of what I try to be in my real life."

Tapert didn't immediately push his wife for the Boogeyman role, but eventually, the cards fell into place. "The director turned to me and said, 'Lucy would be perfect for this part'," Tapert recalls.

"I went, 'I kinda think she would too'. I called and said, 'Luce, do you wanna do this part?' She read it and said, 'I'm not certain it's good'. And I said, 'Well, you can make it good'.

"I'm not afraid to ask Lucy to do anything," Tapert adds.

"We did so many wacky things over 130-something episodes of Xena, that I feel comfortable. Still, I know better than to ask her to do nude scenes," he laughs.

30 August 2003

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club page

"For Boogeyman they're making my hair red and slightly shorter.  They covered me in latex makeup on my hands, feet and all over my face to make me look about 80 years old.  Even though they've got scum and blood squirting out my eyes -- I thought I looked kinda good actually.  I thought I looked kinda glam.  Like a glamorous older woman.  Like . . . Germaine Greer.  If I look this good when I'm fifty, I'll be so happy.  Picture Germaine Greer with blood squirting out her eyes."


27 August 2003 The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club page

"Rob asked me if I wanted to be the drug-addled, messed up mother who gives away her child and, of course, I can't resist that sort of part.  Barry Watson plays a young man named Tim who has psychological disorders.  He's paranoid about a boogeyman chasing him." 

"When he was a boy, his father vanished and his mother went crazy and gave up custody of him.  So he has big abandonment issues.  In flashbacks you get to see his mother -- who's the one with the red hair.  Stoned and drug-addled, she can't put up with this troublesome kid any longer and sends him away with his uncle.  The kid's always going on about the boogeyman.  He's afraid someone's under his bed and in his closet."  (to be continued)


21 August 2003 The character that Lucy plays in this movie is called "Mary Jensen".
From the recent TV3 News segment about the movie she described the character
Lucy plays Tim's mother in flashback scenes of his childhood. The mother is a "a drug-addled mother who gives up custody of her son"
15 August 2003

The following appeared on the IndieWire site
In other production news, Ghost House Pictures, the genre label created by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Senator International, has started filing its first feature, "Boogeyman," in Auckland, New Zealand. Screen Gems will release this horror flick starring Barry Watson, Emily Descahnel, Tory Mussett, and Lucy Lawless.


15 August Added screengrabs from TV3 (New Zealand) News about the Boogeyman movie.

They interviewed the stars of the movie including Lucy and Rob. They mentioned that the film may be able to get a movie grant from the New Zealand Government.

Rob indicated there were 5 movies to be shot in NZ and that Boogeyman was 1 of 5 to be shot there. 60% of the film is being shot in West Auckland.

Lucy was interviewed and revealed a little about her character. She indicated that her character is "a drug-addled mother who gives up custody of her son"

15 August 2003

Added screengrabs from Holmes Show - 14 August 2003- Lucy was in The Holmes Show in NZ - 14 August 2003 to discuss the Boogeyman movie. Lucy looks great with short hair (shoulder length).

Lucy reveals she plays the mother in the film and she dies. She's also drugged at some point when the Boogeyman arrives to snatch herchild/children.

August 2003

The Herald Sun (Australia) has an article about the Australian actress/singer Delta Goodrin who is suffering from Hodgkis Disease. The article is about Barry Watson and how he battled the same disease. Barry is appearing in Boogeyman. The article has a mention of the movie and Lucy.


6 August 2003

7:10 AM AEST

Update on the scuttlebutt:

The rumour below is just a plain old rumour it seems. Sharon Delaney has confirmed that
a) Lucy hasn't invested in the movie b) She doesn't have co-producer status


6 August 2003
6:30 AM AEST
Here's the latest scuttlebutt that has reached me from across the pond in NZ: Lucy has invested some of her own dinars in the Boogeyman movie. Interesting. Could it mean a co-producer credit in the film?
5 August 2003 The following is from Carolyn S about the NZ National Radio interview with Rob Tapert about the movie:

The item on tonight's National radio was totally an interview with Rob Tapert. Note below that he says there's one Aussie in the cast.

He said that he and Sam Raimi are planning to make 1 or 2 (probably 2) movies a year in NZ and one elsewhere. He said that Boogeyman was in the style of Japanese ghost pictures that are very popular now.

He gave the reasons why he chose to film here in NZ, including the people, the place and that he now lives here for a lot of the time, and also because Boogeyman lends itself to being shot around Auckland.

He called it middle budget $NZ 22 million, $US16 million. It is the backbone of what Hollywood and Independents were based on - and after last summer when a lot of big budget movies failed, people are looking more at making more modest budget movies that are less risky. He didn't accept the movie had no major stars as the interviewer suggested. He said the young
lead guy is very popular internationally and his TV prog shows from 7th Heaven on NZ channel 4 at Wed 7.30pm. When the guy showed up in NZ his NZ female fans showed up to cheer him on.

When asked what effect it will have on the NZ industry, Rob said he couldn't say except they always have given employment to a load of Kiwis and have always taken on trainees, many of whom are now established in the industry. The interviewer said that is only possible if you have longevity and don't limp from film to film. Rob said that they were hoping to do many movies
here in the furture. He said everybody employed on the crew except the 1st unit DOP are Kiwis. Of the cast of about 20 speaking parts, he thinks 3 are from the US, 1 is an Aussie and the rest are Kiwis.

He said that the TV industry has changed and so its no longer possible to do TV progs like Herc and XWP so they are going to concentrate on movies.


3 August 2003

NZ National Radio will feature a segment called "Is There Life After Xena" and a report on the movie Boogeyman. The segment will be on "What's Going On" at 6:07 pm Monday -
4 August 2003 (NZ Time) This can also be heard live through their web audiostreaming.
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16 July 2003

Added link to article about Boogeyman and Lucy's involvement. Has an old pic from the Rolling Stone photoshoot. - 16 July 2003


July 2003

The following is from The Dallas Voice Community Newspaper - July 2003
Xena battles The Boogeyman
Everyone’s favorite warrior princess may finally be meeting a foe she can’t beat: the boogeyman himself. Xena’s Lucy Lawless has signed on to co-star in The Boogeyman, a thriller currently shooting in her home country of New Zealand. Along with Lawless, 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson stars as a young man returning to his childhood home to try to overcome traumatic, boogeyman-inspired events that took place in his bedroom. Not to be confused with the schlocky ‘80s series of Boogeyman movies, this fright-fest comes from Sam Raimi’s (Spider-Man) new horror production company, Ghost House. Raimi used to executive produce Xena, and he’s also got a horror-picture pedigree — he was responsible for such scary movies as The Evil Dead and Darkman.


July 2003

Lucy plays Tim's mother in flashback scenes of his childhood.
Source: The Official Xena Fan Club


21 July 2003

Added article from NZ Sunday News - Monster Role for Xena Star - 20 July 2003

17 July 2003

Added article from The Hollywood Reporter - 15 July 2003 on Lucy's new role in Boogeyman


16 July 2003

Lucy will be appearing in a new movie that is currently being filmed in New Zealand called "Boogeyman". It's a supernatural horror film. Boogeyman is about A young man (Watson), emotionally traumatized by memories of terrible things he experienced in his bedroom as a little boy, decides to return to the house he grew up in after the tragic death of his father to try to face his fears of that bedroom; fears of a mysterious being that could merely be a figment of his imagination that the experience might help him work out. Unless, of course, the Boogeyman is real... It's been produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert & Ghost House Pictures.


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